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Just Like His Father

Luis Miramontes Jr. … “Little” Luis Miramontes, like most 8-year-olds, didn’t fully grasp the significance when the adults in his life started talking about chemotherapy and clinical trials. What heRead More
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Home Away from Home

Part-Time Houseboat Living… There’s nothing like being on a houseboat motoring along the blue waters of a Northern California lake amongst the pines, soaking in the sunshine on a floatingRead More
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Paws of Progress

A Well-Behaved Dog with Freedom K9… Sometimes people are lucky enough to follow their passions to find their career. “I did not have the intent of starting a business, buyingRead More
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Every Dog Has It’s Day

Whiskeytown Bark Program… Indiana Bones is an adventurer, and he’s got the credentials to prove it. The young Queensland heeler is an official Whiskeytown National Recreation Area BARK ranger. TheRead More
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Making Tracks

On the Hunt with Bigfoot Daze in Willow Creek… If you’ve ever visited Willow Creek in Humboldt County, you’ve likely picked up on all the nods to Bigfoot. Statues lineRead More
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Cool Days

A Few Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer… As NorCal folks know, the summers can be sweltering hot, and there is only one place to be on a 113-degreeRead More
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Earth Day, Every Day

Butte Environmental Council… This month, Enjoy reached out to Patrizia Hironimus, Executive Director of the Butte Environmental Council. Enjoy: Tell us a bit about Butte Environmental Council.Patrizia: Butte Environmental CouncilRead More
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I Can See for Miles and Miles and Miles

North State Hikes with a View… One of the greatest things about Shasta County is its wide-open spaces and the ability to get out in nature to explore, unplug andRead More
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Happy Trails

Gateway Trail Work… The Mount Shasta Trail Association has been working for quite a while to complete what it calls The Gateway Trail. When it’s finished in a couple ofRead More
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How Does Your Garden Grow

The Redding Wonderland Garden Club Legacy… “Ladybugs were escaping my kitchen.” Many first graders sat anxiously awaiting their very own ladybug. Just a day earlier, the Redding Garden Club membersRead More
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Just Say Yess This Summer

Youth Environmental Summer Studies Program… According to National Geographic, a watershed is “an area of land that drains or ‘sheds’ water into a specific waterbody.” In fact, every single bodyRead More
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Beyond the Tent

All Inclusive Camping with Out Livin’ Adventure Glamping… Why stress about an outdoor adventure trip when you can go straight to the fun? It’s a question that married business partnersRead More
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“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

-John O’Donohue Whitewater Rafting on the Trinity River… Our raft rushed toward the edge of a waterfall, carried inexorably on a white froth of icy snowmelt. A rock wall loomedRead More
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One Mile at a Time

One a Mission with Bike Against Trafficking… This summer, Redding locals Justin and Anica Pierson and their friends will bike around the United States to join the fight against humanRead More
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Steeped in History

The Ranch in Salyer… Built in 1911, The Ranch in Salyer is still family- owned and thriving, its fourth generation owner Nicolé McCullough turning it into a historically unique andRead More
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Good to Grow

Annie Hilton’s California Peony Company… A peony’s stunning bloom and sweet aroma are hard to miss, especially when they’re some of the first blossoms in spring. Depending on the variety,Read More
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You Know the Drill

Scott Valley Drill Team… The wild west may be awash in images of a lone rider and horse, but being an equestrian can also be a team sport. Just askRead More
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Take it Out Back

The Backcountry Horsemen of California Redwood Unit… A picture posted to Facebook shows 13 horses and 12 riders standing tall with their horses in front of the famous Carson MansionRead More
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All for the Hall

Prorodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy… When the Prorodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy opened in 1979 in Colorado Springs, Colo., itRead More
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Hail to the King

Triple Crown Winner RC Landingham… The rodeo world has had plenty of opportunity in the last two years to find the eastern Shasta County community of Hat Creek on aRead More