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Center Stage

Shoppe Serendipity in Yreka… “I’ve always loved the arts. It’s in my blood. My grandfather was an artist and I have very creative people in my family. I was bornRead More
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Where Water Flows

Tyler Faires’ Award-Winning ACID Canal Documentary… Like many others, Tyler Faires did not give much thought to the water that came from his kitchen faucet, much less the water thatRead More
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Legacy Keepers

A Passion for Heritage at Shasta Historical Society… The Shasta Historical Society wasn’t always the name of the organization that has spent the last 94 years preserving, promoting and bringingRead More
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Life is a Highway

Motor the Mountain Car Show in McCloud… If there was a word to describe a combination of nostalgia, admiration and enthusiasm, it could be ascribed to classic cars. They evokeRead More
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A Horse of Course

The Wild Art Horses of Red Bluff… Downtown Red Bluff is a riot of color and public art these days thanks to the energy and determination of a small groupRead More
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Burning Bright

Camp Cinder Helps Integrate Women Into the Fire Service… When Katie Mason went out to find a summer job in her hometown of Yreka, her stepmother encouraged her to applyRead More
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Year of the Dragon

Lunar New Year in Red Bluff… On February 4, an event the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 1908 is returning to Red Bluff in honor of Lunar NewRead More
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Sacred Spaces

Explore 15 Dreamy Wedding Venues in the North State… You’ve popped the question, she said “YES!” and now it’s time to tie the knot. But where? Well, the North StateRead More
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Wedded Bliss

Helpful Hints for Planning Your Wedding… Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. In the whirlwind of wedding planning, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement andRead More
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Take It Easy

Easy Events with Jake and Jenn Fontana… The love story between Jake and Jennifer Fontana started back in 2011 at the Red Lion in Redding. Jenn was working for UnitedRead More
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Musical Moments

Tehama Concert Series… Morae Arthur remembers being about 8 years old, getting dressed up to attend a concert with her mom and sister in Red Bluff. It was a specialRead More
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Strokes of Transformation

Of all the remarkable murals that have shown up around Red Bluff in the last few years, there’s a newer one of a Highland cow in the alley behind theRead More
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Spread the Message

Pedal Press of Chico… In 2016, Julia Murphy and Cathryn Carkhuff met while working at the now-closed Chico Peace and Justice Center. They became friends, and over a pizza atRead More
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Immersive Experience

Virtual Reality Entertainment Center at AREA 151… It’s tough enough keeping at bay the zombies, who lurch forth from the shadows of a dystopian hellscape, but when the enraged, mutantRead More
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Hands of the Artist

Norcal Artist Lucius M. Upshaw… A painter doodles on canvas. A sculptor doodles in stone. At barely 2 pm in his Redding home, Lucius M. Upshaw holds a finished workRead More
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All is Bright

Garden of Lights at Turtlebay… Twinkling trees, synchronized music animations, s’mores, lit-up swings, train exhibits, fire pits and more will be on display at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park nowRead More

Well Trained

Police Academy at College of the Siskiyous… Mention “police academy” and it might conjure the raucous comedy and endless sequels of the 1980s and ‘90s. But in real life, cadetsRead More
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In the Details

Angie James’ Mosaics… Chain Gang Bike Shop is not your typical cycling marketplace. Through Angie James’ creative mosaic initiatives, the shop has also lent itself as a space where artisticRead More
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World on a (B) String

Old-Time Fiddle Music with the B Strings Band… Kristine Benham, a pianist who also knows her way around an upright bass, has made it a point to expose her childrenRead More
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Pet Portraits

Sue Crowe’s Rocks for Dogs… When sue crowe began painting the likenesses of her favorite animal on the kindness rocks she hid around Redding some years back, she never dreamedRead More
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Making Tracks

On the Hunt with Bigfoot Daze in Willow Creek… If you’ve ever visited Willow Creek in Humboldt County, you’ve likely picked up on all the nods to Bigfoot. Statues lineRead More

Archaeological Treasure Trove

Montague Museum’s Collection of Chinese Artifacts… On June 29, 1956, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal-Aid Highway Act bill. The goal: a 41,000-mile “National System of Interstate and Defense Highways”Read More
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Cold Blooded

Redding Reptiles’ Reptile Expo… Have you ever looked closely into the smile of a child handling a snake? First, the brows go up, giving that “I’m actually doing this!” look.Read More
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And the Band Plays On

The Sandlot Sound Machine Pep Band… There’s something about a pep band that puts the pep in Elizabeth Johnson’s step. It started when she played the flute in the pepRead More
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Fiddle Me This

Old Time Fiddlers Keep the Beat… The music came over here from Scotland and Ireland, then wound its way through the hills of Appalachia before traveling westward. All that timeRead More

A Bridge to History

The Beauty of Sims Flats… Sims Flat is rich in history and natural beauty – and definitely worthy of more than a blur-by on Interstate 5. Tucked into the UpperRead More
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Earth Day, Every Day

Butte Environmental Council… This month, Enjoy reached out to Patrizia Hironimus, Executive Director of the Butte Environmental Council. Enjoy: Tell us a bit about Butte Environmental Council.Patrizia: Butte Environmental CouncilRead More
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The Cascade Fundraiser Gala Takes Center Stage… A lot of magic has happened on the Cascade Theatre stage since the renovated Art Deco movie palace opened in 2004. And thenRead More
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A Positive Difference

Youth Options Shasta… This month, Enjoy sat down with Jennifer Coulter, Program Director for Youth Options Shasta ENJOY: Tell us more about Youth Options Shasta. COULTER: Youth Options Shasta wasRead More
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The Power of the Spoken Word

Poetry Out Loud… We all know that high school students date, play sports and video games, and connect on social media. But here’s something unusual: Every year in California andRead More