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This Land

Shasta Land Trust… THIS MONTH, Enjoy spoke with Paul Vienneau, executive director of the Shasta Land Trust, about its role in environmental stewardship and land conservation within the region. ENJOY:Read More
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Playing it Cool

Cooling Off in the California Adventure District… With summer in full swing, the desire to cool down, especially in a body of water, becomes a natural draw. Luckily the CaliforniaRead More
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Iruai Winery in Scott Valley… “Bacchus Amat Colles,” goes the Latin saying. Or, to put it in English: “Bacchus loves the hills.” Undoubtedly the Roman god of wine knew aRead More
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Fish Tale

McCloud River Redband Trout… One of the most famous fish in the world comes from Siskiyou County’s scenic McCloud River. Identified as the McCloud River Redband Trout, this subspecies ofRead More
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5K Finish

Three Shasta Wheelman Vie for Top Mileage… Late last spring, three competitive bicyclists rolled leisurely toward the finish line. Gary Nelson, Keith Elzner and Cindy Begbie took it easy becauseRead More
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Dive on In

Howell’s Dive and Mining Shop in Redding… On the corner of Market Street and Eureka Way in downtown Redding, the side of an aquamarine building shows a peaceful mural ofRead More
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First Fruits

Kitchel Family Organics in Los Molinos… There are a few jobs as hard as farming, but perhaps even fewer as rewarding. John and Lana Kitchel of Kitchel Family Organics haveRead More
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Birds Eye View

Watching the Eagles at Turtle Bay with Terri Lhuillier… “Hi! How are you?” calls the Eagle Lady. “See our eagle up here?” Terri Lhuillier, pronounced Lu-WILL-yer, greets passersby on aRead More
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The Big One

Making the Catch with the Simpson Bass Team… Nathan Phillips had hoped baseball would be his ticket to a college education until a shoulder injury curtailed that dream. He neverRead More
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To the Extreme

Xtreme Adventure Rentals Takes the Hassle out of Maintenance… If you’re looking for fun ways to get out in the mountains or on the lake thissummer, then Xtreme Adventure RentalsRead More
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My Town – Doug Cole

Mountain Marble Dude Ranch my town: bonded When I was 14, my family moved to California and I was introduced to California whitewater rafting through my local Boy Scout troop.Read More
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Backyard Adventure

Explore Shasta County – CAD Visitors Guide… With 3,800 square miles of territory, Shasta County is one very large outdoor adventure playground, and with a population density of about 46Read More
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Public Space

The Creation of Paul Garrison Picnic Pavilion in Fort Jones… Forgotten and unused places in cities and towns present the perfect opportunity to reimagine public space and how it’s consumed.Read More
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Ride On

Norcal Boomtown BMX Rides Again… On a recent Friday night, a handful of kids of all ages and their parents are gathered at the NorCal Boomtown BMX track at MargaretRead More
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Top CAD Trail Picks, 2022… California Adventure District encompasses 38,000 square miles of iconic California and it is home to six national forests: Lassen, Mendocino, Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, Plumas, and Modoc.Read More
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Let’s Play Ball

Walker Field in Fort Jones… Driving into Fort Jones on Highway 3 from Yreka, it’s hard not to notice the large baseball field and stadium on the right-hand side ofRead More
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Culture of Fire

Bill Tripp and the Karuk Relationship with Fire… Typically, kids are told not to play with fire. Not so in Bill Tripp’s family. When he was 4 years old, growingRead More
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Find Your Heartbeat

The Joy of Camping… They’re the places where it’s so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat, where wildflowers bloom in all the colors of the rainbow, where sheer rockRead More
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One Tree at a Time

The Jonsteen Company… Born out of a friendship and mutual fondness of arbors, Jonathan Claasen and Steen Christensen are aiming to save the world one tree at a time throughRead More
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A Lambs Tale

Tawanda Farms in Montague… It’s not every day that someone winds up business partners with another mother they’ve met through their child’s preschool. But that’s just what happened to CarolRead More