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A fairytale mountain wedding requires the perfect blend of seclusion, serenity and scenery, and the newly renovated Shasta View Lodge in McCloud offers all of it in spades. “The biggest thing is when people step in the backyard and see that view of Mount Shasta, they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is incredible.’ Even though they’ve seen the pictures, the experience of seeing it in person is something else. Their heart starts beating and they’re just captivated by the mountain. They tell us they can really envision their loved ones and family having this experience with them,” explains April LaFrance, who co-owns the lodge with business partner Christian Taylor. “Amongst our team, we really think of it as the most important moment of your life at the base of the most stunning mountain in California.”

Photos by Be Authentic Productions, courtesy of Shasta View Lodge

According to Taylor, the Lodge’s location – a mere 15 minutes off Interstate 5 – offers convenience. “A lot of people are traveling from out of town, so being close to I-5 is important.” But as a wedding destination, the lodge also offers the ultimate sense of privacy. On site are nine cabins that can sleep anywhere from 2-12 people, as well as indoor and outdoor gathering spaces that can accommodate as many as 150 people.

“Oftentimes a bride and groom will tell us they’ve been looking at potential venues where they can only do the ceremony or maybe a reception. What we offer is everything inclusive. Not only do you get to have your ceremony and reception on the property, you can also get in the night before and have your rehearsal dinner in our hall. Your family, friends and bridal parties can stay on the property. You have your big day and then everybody stays the night. And then, the next morning, you can do a sendoff breakfast, which has become another popular tradition,” explains Taylor.

Photos by Be Authentic Productions, courtesy of Shasta View Lodge

LaFrance calls the Lodge’s newly renovated interior spaces “warm” and “inviting,” while Taylor describes the meticulous attention to detail. “When people go to the Mount Shasta area, they want to stay in a wood cabin, but they also want their amenities. We really try to blend local materials like reclaimed wood floors and tongue-and- groove cedar plank ceilings with modern comforts, brand- new comfortable bed pillows, towels, linen, high-end soaps, etc. just to give that feel of being pampered.”

Photos by Be Authentic Productions, courtesy of Shasta View Lodge

Taylor and LaFrance also note the outdoor appeal of McCloud and its surrounding area. “McCloud is unique and cool. And, honestly it has the best views of Mount Shasta, more than any other side of the mountain. McCloud Falls is an amazing set of waterfalls just a few miles from the lodge. The McCloud Reservoir is one of the best-kept secrets in the whole area. And of course, there’s the Mount Shasta Ski Park right down the road from us,” notes Taylor.

Photos by Be Authentic Productions, courtesy of Shasta View Lodge

As a vacation destination, the region currently offers better affordability than other mountain destinations like Tahoe or Yosemite. “We’re getting several guests from the Bay Area who are saying, ‘Hey, I don’t want to pay $20,000 for a wedding venue when I can rent this equally beautiful place for less and have a place to stay at the same time.” For the especially budget-minded, Taylor also suggests booking outside the May-through-October season and taking advantage of off-season discounts.

Venue buyouts are already well underway for the 2024 season and the 2025 calendar is now open. Individual cabins can also be rented for general overnight stays. “Typically, weddings will book out 12 to 18 months in advance. But, if you’re a little later on the ball, like my wife and I were when we got married in six weeks, just call and we’ll see what we can do.”•

Shasta View Lodge
140 Squaw Valley Road, McCloud

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