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Heart Break Hope & Triumph

A Healing Journey with Lesa Brackbill. Mother and Author… “I know this was always supposed to be my story,” says author and former Red Bluff resident Lesa Brackbill. “I don’tRead More
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How Does Your Garden Grow

The Redding Wonderland Garden Club Legacy… “Ladybugs were escaping my kitchen.” Many first graders sat anxiously awaiting their very own ladybug. Just a day earlier, the Redding Garden Club membersRead More
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“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

-John O’Donohue Whitewater Rafting on the Trinity River… Our raft rushed toward the edge of a waterfall, carried inexorably on a white froth of icy snowmelt. A rock wall loomedRead More
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What I Enjoy – Dr. Justin Holt, O.D.

Dr. Justin Holt, O.D.Optometrist What do you enjoy most about your job? I truly love what I do. Every part of it. I love being able to help others withRead More
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One Mile at a Time

One a Mission with Bike Against Trafficking… This summer, Redding locals Justin and Anica Pierson and their friends will bike around the United States to join the fight against humanRead More
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The Power of the Spoken Word

Poetry Out Loud… We all know that high school students date, play sports and video games, and connect on social media. But here’s something unusual: Every year in California andRead More
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To Keep the Legacy Alive

Better Walnuts in Red Bluff… For Asa Robinson, Better Walnuts, the direct-to-consumer sales program of his family’s decades-old farm in Red Bluff, is more than a way to market aRead More
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Good to Grow

Annie Hilton’s California Peony Company… A peony’s stunning bloom and sweet aroma are hard to miss, especially when they’re some of the first blossoms in spring. Depending on the variety,Read More
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The Great Escape

Elk Cove Inn & Spa and Sibo Restaurant… It’s a long drive to the southern Mendocino Coast. As the ghost pines and blue oaks of California’s interior give way toRead More
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You Know the Drill

Scott Valley Drill Team… The wild west may be awash in images of a lone rider and horse, but being an equestrian can also be a team sport. Just askRead More
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Let’s Roll

Shasta Classics Car Club… For more than 30 years, Shasta Classics Car Club has provided a space for members to meet up and chat about their old cars. In theRead More
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In His DNA

A New Project for Steve Wallace to Work Mustang Magic… A line of classic cars spans for a literal mile. Ten thousand attendees show up every day. 1950s-style sunglasses, enoughRead More
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All for the Hall

Prorodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy… When the Prorodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy opened in 1979 in Colorado Springs, Colo., itRead More
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Painting Perfection

Jim Tyner, Car Painter… Jim Tyner rattles off his latest projects with the ease of an old-school body and paint guy: “I just finished a ’55 Chevy in royal blueRead More
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Thinking of Mom

Welcome to Yreka’s Lona Mae’s… When Kimberlee O’Neal moved from Sonora to Yreka a little more than two years ago, she was disappointed about leaving behind the co-op where she’dRead More
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A Book to Love

Amber Treat’s Shop Around the Corner Books… “It was a dream. . . you think it will probably never happen, but it’s fun to think about,” says Amber Treat aboutRead More
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Pretty in Pinc

Restoring History at the Pinc Lady Mansion… Illuminating an air of elegance, sophistication and sparkle just like Queen Victoria herself during her reign, The Pinc Lady stands tall on 202Read More
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A Sweet Discovery

Crockett’s Up North in Weaverville… “Everybody in town likes that she’s there,” says Brian Muir, owner of the Weaverville Hotel & Emporium with his wife, Jeanne. “We’re happy that she’sRead More
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Of Greens and Gowns

Expanding the Offerings At Tierra Oaks Golf Club… The fairways at Tierra Oaks Golf Club have been filled with golfers in search of birdies since the course opened in 1993.Read More
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When Boy Meets Girl

Jayden + Logan Taylor’s Love Story… It is a rarity to find your true love and the person you’re going to marry when you are just 10 years old. ItRead More