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More Than Simple Grains

Artisan bread at Grain Street Bakery in Etna… Bread in its many forms, is the most widely consumed food in the world, and has been for thousands of years. BakingRead More
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Modern Education

Shasta College’s Joe Wyse Leads The Way… Shasta College is an expansive place with a sprawling mission. It began just over 70 years ago on a small Eureka Way campusRead More
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Elevate Your Ride

Mountain Biking With Shasta Gravity Adventures… Brimming with small-town vibes, alpine rides and spectacular side adventures, Mount Shasta is becoming a mountain biker’s dream destination. “First of all, it’s easyRead More
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Love Language

The Gift of Quality Time… Quality Time. It is more than just an often-pursued-but-rarely-achieved buzzword. It sounds great on paper, but it can be a lofty goal for many, sinceRead More
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Mom’s The Word

Make Mom’s Day Fundraiser Supports KIXE and Shasta Library Foundation… Redding public television station KIXE and the Shasta Library Foundation are cooking up a special meal to make this Mother’sRead More
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Family Night Pizza In A Bowl

April 2021 Recipe… This hearty pizza salad is a filled with lots of meats, cheeses and an assortment of yummy toppings. Addwhatever pizza cravings you might like. Enjoy! SALAD DRESSINGRead More
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Incredible Edible

Hard-Boiled Eggs, Superfood… I feel sorry for the traditional hard-boiled Easter egg. Once a prominent feature in Easter baskets, the incredible edible ovoid now takes a proverbial back seat toRead More
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Planting Seeds

Siskiyou County Communities Gardening Together… Gardening can often be challenging, but in Etna, the challenges are of near-Biblical proportions. Gardeners there have to contend with deer, jackrabbits and grasshoppers, notRead More
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Take The Trails

The CAD 2021 Trail Collection… California Adventure District is home to six national forests: Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, Plumas, Lassen and Mendocino. This summer, have some fun and make it a goalRead More
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Deep Roots

The City of Chico’s Tree Efforts… Leafy and shady. Not a bad vibe for a city, and Chico embraces it. The city of Chico’s tree efforts are comprehensive and multi-branched.Read More
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All The Pretty Horses

Jordan McWilliams’ Backcountry Equine… Perhaps no animal embodies wild America like the mustang. Mostly ranging across public lands in the western United States, they descend from domesticated horses brought toRead More
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Taste of Fame

Karolyn Grimes’ Wonderful Life… She was a little girl and it was a small part in the movie, but that turn as Zuzu in “It’s a Wonderful Life” was veryRead More

My Town With Andy Main

My Town: Growing – Andy Main in Redding, CA I was born in Redding and was raised near the Sacramento River with my four brothers, mom and dad and aRead More
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Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Redding Tour: Live Stream Event… The Whole Earth and Watershed Festival and Shasta Living Streets are excited to be bringing the 2021 Wild & Scenic Film Festival – Redding TourRead More
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A Hull Lotta Nuts

North State Hulling… For decades, Northern California has been known for growing almonds, the meaty, portable snack chock-full of protein and heart-healthy fats. In 1968, North State Hulling formed toRead More
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How The West Was Won

Red Bluff Round-Up Celebrates 100 Years… Words like “tradition” and “heritage” hold sacred power in Tehama County, where people hold tight to their history and familial connections. One could argueRead More
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In The Loop

The Downtown Connector Loop Trail… Redding is making an important connection. The Diestelhorst to Downtown trail/bikeway will link downtown neighborhoods and businesses to the city’s popular Sacramento River Trail, makingRead More
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Dream A Little Dream

Taking Steps To Realize Your Dream… Far too many people live with the belief that dreams are what happen when you are sleeping. They might be under the presumption thatRead More
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All This Time

The Art Of Community With Red Bluff Vesper Lodge… From the front, the building at 822 Main St. in Red Bluff isn’t particularly spectacular, especially for a town known forRead More
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Creative Thinking

Odyssey Of The Mind… Knowledge is essential. The road that leads to knowledge requires imagination to “believe in the possible.” Imagination then leads to discovery. A great abundance of knowledgeRead More
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Peanut Butter Cup Crispy Rice Treats

March 2021 Recipe… Chocolate and peanut butter are one of the most satisfying sweet-and-salty flavor combos, and when you add it to crispy rice treats you’ve got an irresistible snack.Read More
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It’s Cheesy

Take Your Grilled Cheese To A Whole New Level… The second recipe I ever “invented” was my Super-Duper Crunchy Grilled Cheese Sammish – and more than a half century later,Read More
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Adventure Always

Five Things To Do In Shasta County… With 3,800 square miles of territory, Shasta County is one very large outdoor adventure  playground. With a population density of about 46 peopleRead More