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Girl Power

Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley… This month, Enjoy sat down with Heather Kelnhofer, executive director of the girls’ leadership program at Girls Inc. of the Northern Sacramento Valley.Read More
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What’s Cookin’ | Gouda, Ham, and Tomato Pasta

Want a pasta dish with a delightful and flavorful change-up? You can serve this recipe as a full meal or have as a side dish year round, serving warmed forRead More
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Legendary Classic

Chicken Tetrazzini… Chicken Tetrazzini – the classic pasta dish made with mushrooms, creamy sauce and chicken – sounds quintessentially Italian. The casserole meal was named after an opera soprano bornRead More

It’s Deadline

The Making of a Magazine… It’s late afternoon, nearing deadline, in the tiny office behind Enjoy the Store. The editor-in-chief peers into the 27-inch screen of her iMac. Her rightRead More

Passion and Compassion

Joanie Smith’s New Venture… When Joanie Smith and her husband moved from Oregon to Redding a few decades ago for his work promotion, they knew there would be changes. LittleRead More
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Thinking of Mom

Welcome to Yreka’s Lona Mae’s… When Kimberlee O’Neal moved from Sonora to Yreka a little more than two years ago, she was disappointed about leaving behind the co-op where she’dRead More
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Pushing for Hope

Coach Natasha Tunnicliffe… A hundred and fifty pounds ago, Natasha Tunnicliffe found herself on the couch scrolling through her phone watching athletes doing CrossFit. A dream flared off in herRead More
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All Things Outdoors

Etna Creek Outfitters… Growing up on a farm and ranch in central Oregon, Meg and Alison Pick learned how to work together by paying close attention to each other’s needs.Read More
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Old School Touch

All in the Family at Bud’s Jolly Cone… As a third-generation manager of Bud’s Jolly Kone, Courtny Abbassi knew what she was in for when she stepped up to theRead More
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Born to Brew

Humboldt County’s Women-Owned Breweries… Humboldt County has its share of distinctive calling cards: its breathtaking coastline; it is home to the world’s tallest tree; it joins Mendocino and Trinity countiesRead More
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On the Wall

Kim Solga, Mural Artist… Kim Solga’s “studio” is in the open spaces of Siskiyou County, in its streets and mountain meadows. Solga is a mural artist and plein air painter.Read More
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Parks’ Positivity

Giving Back to the Community with Tori Parks… It’s Thanksgiving Day, the morning of the annual Turkey Trot race in Caldwell Park, and Tori Parks is scrambling around making sureRead More
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A Book to Love

Amber Treat’s Shop Around the Corner Books… “It was a dream. . . you think it will probably never happen, but it’s fun to think about,” says Amber Treat aboutRead More
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Pretty in Pinc

Restoring History at the Pinc Lady Mansion… Illuminating an air of elegance, sophistication and sparkle just like Queen Victoria herself during her reign, The Pinc Lady stands tall on 202Read More

What I Enjoy – Sgt. Regan Ortega

Sgt. Regan Ortega | Redding Police Department… What do you like most about your occupation: I love my job for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the ability toRead More

Something New

The Many Services of Little Red Hen… This month, Enjoy sat down with Gabrielle Green, senior human resources manager of Little Red Hen. This nonprofit organization serves children and adultsRead More
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Chocolate Chips Scones

Most scones have an unfortunate reputation for being dry and unsatisfying, but this recipe is here to change that. These chocolate chip scones are soft, buttery and simply delicious. PairRead More
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Super Foods

Broiled Sockeye Salmon with Citrus Glaze… We’ve all heard the proverb “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” – which is an abbreviated way of saying “eat healthy foodsRead More
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A Sweet Discovery

Crockett’s Up North in Weaverville… “Everybody in town likes that she’s there,” says Brian Muir, owner of the Weaverville Hotel & Emporium with his wife, Jeanne. “We’re happy that she’sRead More
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A Taste Explosion

Creative Sweets from Pyroclastic Chocolate… The origins of chocolate trace back to the Mayans, who called it “the drink of the Gods” and consumed it as a bitter-tasting liquid withRead More
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Of Greens and Gowns

Expanding the Offerings At Tierra Oaks Golf Club… The fairways at Tierra Oaks Golf Club have been filled with golfers in search of birdies since the course opened in 1993.Read More
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When Boy Meets Girl

Jayden + Logan Taylor’s Love Story… It is a rarity to find your true love and the person you’re going to marry when you are just 10 years old. ItRead More
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Mountain Magic

Weddings on the Mountain… Volcanoes exude a force that has the power to change the landscape and lives. So perhaps there’s no better way to express the passion of sayingRead More