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Quality of Life

Active 20-30 Club of Redding… Kelsi Sprague is past president of Active 20-30 Club of Redding #143 and treasurer for Active 20-30 U.S. and Canada. Enjoy: Tell us a bitRead More
Food + Dining

Whats Cookin – Chocolate Biscotti

December 2023 Recipe – Chocolate Biscotti… This chocolate biscotti makes the perfect companion to a cup of hot cocoa or morning coffee. This recipe is simple, fun to make andRead More
Food + Dining

Happy Holidays – Italian Style

Traditional Holiday Lasagna… The Christmas season is a time to celebrate with your loved ones, and nothing brings people together like a delicious meal. If you are looking for aRead More
Arts + Entertainment

Musical Moments

Tehama Concert Series… Morae Arthur remembers being about 8 years old, getting dressed up to attend a concert with her mom and sister in Red Bluff. It was a specialRead More
Arts + Entertainment

Strokes of Transformation

Of all the remarkable murals that have shown up around Red Bluff in the last few years, there’s a newer one of a Highland cow in the alley behind theRead More
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Spread the Message

Pedal Press of Chico… In 2016, Julia Murphy and Cathryn Carkhuff met while working at the now-closed Chico Peace and Justice Center. They became friends, and over a pizza atRead More
Arts + Entertainment

Immersive Experience

Virtual Reality Entertainment Center at AREA 151… It’s tough enough keeping at bay the zombies, who lurch forth from the shadows of a dystopian hellscape, but when the enraged, mutantRead More
Arts + Entertainment

Hands of the Artist

Norcal Artist Lucius M. Upshaw… A painter doodles on canvas. A sculptor doodles in stone. At barely 2 pm in his Redding home, Lucius M. Upshaw holds a finished workRead More
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Holiday Rides

Christmas Bikes for Kids… Redding paramedic Ted Blankenheim noticed a lot of Shasta County kids in need, and a donation box to help “kids be kids” was placed at theRead More
Recreation + Outdoors

There’s a Chill in the Air

Mt. Shasta Offers a Wide Variety of Outdoor Fun… For winter adventurers in Mt. Shasta, the chill in the air becomes a beckoning call to the great outdoors. “The wholeRead More
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Good to be Green

Victor’s Christmas Trees Sourced from Mt. Shasta… It’s 2023, and the the tallest live cut tree this year in Orange County owes its provenance to Mt. Shasta. During its tenureRead More
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Oh Snap!

Try Your Hand at Gingerbread Cookies… These gingerbread cookies are perfect for the holidays or any time you’re in the mood for a delicious ginger treat. Ingredients 2 1/4 cupsRead More
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All is Bright

Garden of Lights at Turtlebay… Twinkling trees, synchronized music animations, s’mores, lit-up swings, train exhibits, fire pits and more will be on display at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park nowRead More
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Sipping the Season

Full of Flavor Cranberry Cocktail… This cranberry cocktail has a lovely balance of tartness from the cranberry juice, sweetness from the orange liqueur, and a hint of spice from theRead More
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A Season to Remember

Fun Holiday Party Ideas… The true magic of the holiday season has nothing to do with fancy gifts in elaborate packaging. Perfectly wrapped presents are wonderful to give and receive,Read More
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What I Enjoy – Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan AndersonCEO, Good News Rescue Mission If you weren’t in your current job, what career role would you envision yourself in? It would be something centered around both leadership andRead More
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Do Good

10 Ways to Make a Difference… Showing gratitude and giving back are great ways to express appreciation for people and experiences in your life. It doesn’t always have to involveRead More
Food + Dining

Whats Cookin – Spanish Steak Crostini

This protein-rich, delicious appetizer shared by our friends at Huff’s at Bridge Bay promises to be a hit with your dinner guests. And it’s easy! Enjoy! Spanish Steak Crostini Ingredients:Read More
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Harvest Flavors

The Crock Pot Stuffing That Will Make Your Thanksgiving a Breeze… Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest, the bounty of nature and the bonds of family and friends.Read More

A Million Tiny Moments

Moments of Gratefulness… Life is strung together by a million tiny moments. Some of them fly under the radar, lost in the businessof the day. Others are quiet, preferring toRead More
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It’s Good to be an Original

Putty Putt at Whit Hall Fire Station… Red Bluff has long been known for its commitment to preserving its history and traditions. From its world-renowned three-day rodeo that’s more thanRead More

Write Idea

Author’s Fair Writers Forum… Its mission is simple: to promote the craft of writing as an art and as a profession. To do that, the Redding-based Writers Forum meets onceRead More
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Beautiful Jewel

Little Chapman Mansion in Chico… Little Chapman Mansion owner and historian Michele Shover cast her eye on her beautiful jewel of a home soon after arriving in Chico many decadesRead More