Lobster Tails

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For many of us, Valentine’s Day dinner means getting a reservation at a fancy restaurant and forking over more money than you normally do for a delicious meal. That’s a fine idea. But a delicious dinner at home can be even finer and the memories even more unforgettable.

Farmer’s Market

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Remember that New Year’s resolution you made to eat better and get into shape? Well, the farmers market season is just around the corner, and with all the national supply chain uncertainty going on, this is the perfect time to get to know your local farmers. And, in the process, you can eat much better food that is locally harvested.

Game Changer

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It may be based in little Cottonwood Creek Charter School but Project Spark Studio has a big – make
that global – reach. Thanks to the Internet and its enterprising three-person staff, the nonprofit studio has connected aspiring Shasta County filmmakers with their young counterparts in Ireland, Britain, Iceland and Sweden to collaborate on animated films. Projects with students in France, Nigeria, Wales, China and India are in the works.

Agent of Change

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Sean Rix has an Energizer Bunny quality, one where you find him all over Red Bluff working hard to enhance his community and his business as an insurance agent. He’s grown to love the community he officially started calling home in 2011, and it, in turn, has embraced him.

Lovely Liqueur

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“Generally in life, if I don’t like it, I don’t do it,” quips Pamela Montalvo, who made the unlikely move from New York City to Northern California four years ago to become the brand ambassador and bar program director at Denny Bar Restaurant and Distillery. So far, it’s been a journey filled with innovation.