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Dream A Little Dream

Taking Steps To Realize Your Dream… Far too many people live with the belief that dreams are what happen when you are sleeping. They might be under the presumption thatRead More
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All This Time

The Art Of Community With Red Bluff Vesper Lodge… From the front, the building at 822 Main St. in Red Bluff isn’t particularly spectacular, especially for a town known forRead More
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Creative Thinking

Odyssey Of The Mind… Knowledge is essential. The road that leads to knowledge requires imagination to “believe in the possible.” Imagination then leads to discovery. A great abundance of knowledgeRead More
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Peanut Butter Cup Crispy Rice Treats

March 2021 Recipe… Chocolate and peanut butter are one of the most satisfying sweet-and-salty flavor combos, and when you add it to crispy rice treats you’ve got an irresistible snack.Read More
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It’s Cheesy

Take Your Grilled Cheese To A Whole New Level… The second recipe I ever “invented” was my Super-Duper Crunchy Grilled Cheese Sammish – and more than a half century later,Read More
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Adventure Always

Five Things To Do In Shasta County… With 3,800 square miles of territory, Shasta County is one very large outdoor adventure  playground. With a population density of about 46 peopleRead More
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On Display

Shasta State Historic Park’s Art Collection… Annie Clark is always up for a staring contest. Schoolchildren visiting Shasta State Historic Park’s art gallery like to lock eyes with the littleRead More
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Arch Support

Wanted: Dashes Of Downtown Color… So much is happening in downtown Redding. Government, private and non-profit funds and efforts have poured in to raise a new skyline. We have newRead More
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The Beat Goes On

How Local Music Stores Are Navigating Through The Pandemic… There are many benefits to learning how to play an instrument: It helps increase your motor skills, boosts your memory andRead More
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Into The Woods

Sam Smith’s Wood Fellows… To wood carvers, there’s treasure to be found in old logging areas of the North State. In places that weren’t cleaned and burned as they areRead More
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All The World’s A Stage

Behind The Curtain With Pamela Carney And Kathryn Kirk… Community Theater in the North State is among the myriad casualties of the COVID-19 pandemic, and like everything else the coronavirusRead More
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Golden Hour

The Colors of Dunsmuir’s Botanical Gardens… Ernie Wasson is a painter of sorts. His canvas features every color in the rainbow, colors that vary from season to season. Wasson’s canvasRead More
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My Town: Agata Maruszewski

AGATA MARUSZEWSKI, Interim Director: Shasta County Arts Council… “Spontaneous” – that’s the word I’d use to describe my decision to move to Northern California. “Foolhardy” might perhaps be a betterRead More
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Mode of Expression

Finding Creativity in Everyday Life… Art isn’t reserved just for rectangular canvases, fancy matting and decadent frames. It stretches far beyond parallel lines, paint and brush strokes. Art has alwaysRead More
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My Town: So Close

JENNA RYAN – M.A., BCBA Co-owner, Best Behavior… I moved to Redding from the Bay Area the summer before seventh grade and quickly fell in love with the North State.Read More
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Summit Stop

Sierra Club Hut At Horse Camp… Built with volcanic rock and alpine timber, perched on the main route to Mt. Shasta’s summit, the Sierra Club’s venerable old Shasta Alpine HutRead More
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Seeds To Live By

Stewarding Well With Homeward Bounty Farms….. The seeds of farmer Kate O’Brien-Mann’s journey back to Siskiyou County were planted in her youth. “Probably like a lot of teenagers, I neverRead More
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Hit The Beach

Six Great Beaches To Explore In Northern California…. Who doesn’t love the beach and the sound of the crashing waves? They symbolize peace and happiness, and an invitation to relaxRead More
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Sweet Nothings

Chocolate Fondue For Two….. It’s kitschy. It’s retro. It’s romantic. It’s delicious. And it’s so simple to prepare that it barely requires a recipe. We’re talking about chocolate fondue andRead More
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Just Kidding Around

Vegetation Clean Up With Blue Tent Farms Goats….. There’s no doubt that goats have an “it” factor, and it’s been a grand curiosity for Tim Arrowsmith of Red Bluff ’sRead More
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Crafted With Purpose

Custom Woodcrafter Reclaims Native Tradition… The artist designs a space where people feel connected and heard. Woodworker Stephan Cheney selects his material with purpose, engraves it with symbols representing allRead More
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Leave It To Beaver

Golden Beaver Distillery in Chico… Chico’s Kris Koenig was one of millions of people worldwide who had their air travel schedules abruptly altered in 2010 by the volcano eruptions inRead More
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Mega-Watts Heart

Larry Watts, a mended heart with help from above… Larry Watts was not alone when his heart stopped on that June day in 2018 while running a half-marathon near Bend,Read More