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10 Can’t-Miss Moments to Capture on your Wedding Day…

Cloaked in a magical, dream-like aura, filled with pure love, laughter and hope is the day you’ve waited your whole life for: your wedding day. It’s no easy win to plan each beautiful detail, to put the people and pieces together perfectly, to pay for it all and still be alert enough to enjoy it.

Some couples are so overcome with the joy of the experience – or exhaustion from the planning process – that they can’t recall the details of their wedding day from memory. Hazy, yet blissful glimpses aside, they often reflect on their wedding day from the photos in an album or video footage. Perhaps that’s why photography and videography are the splurge couples are most likely to make for their wedding day.

Those moments when two families are joined together, where love takes its first steps toward a bright future, deserve to be beautifully suspended in time. They happen in the blink of an eye, in the single click of a camera, and can only be captured at the hands of a skilled photographer with a good sense of what matters most to the happy couple. Speak with your photographer ahead of time so he or she knows just what you want captured on your sweet day.

Here are 10 can’t-miss moments to capture at your wedding. Take what works, leave the rest, or modify the list to design your perfect photobook of memories to cherish.

There’s a certain magic – and often a few tears shed – when spouses first lay eyes on each other, all dressed in their wedding best. Whether it’s at the end of the aisle or sometime before you make your way to the altar, have your photographer capture this magical moment. Make sure he or she pans over to the wedding party and guests, too.

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, child or friend giving you away on your big day, make sure the photos bear witness to the proverbial passing of the torch to the one who waits at the end of the aisle. It’s a special moment for everyone involved.

There is no greater bond in the world than the one that exists between a parent and child. Don’t miss the chance to capture those special, sentimental moments between dad and daughter, mom and daughter, mom and son and father and son. Parenthood doesn’t always require biology. Stepparents and stepchildren share their own, uniquely beautiful bond. Capture that, too.

Grandparents and great aunts and uncles are a treasure to behold. Be sure to capture their first glimpse of you in your wedding attire. Hold their hand and share an embrace with the ones who have waited two or more generations to witness this precious moment.

Tearful or laughter-infused moments between besties shared in the dressing room. A toast with the fellas. The moment in which everyone converges on the dance floor. These are the moments that you and your friends will talk about for years to come. Capture these treasured times with the ones who have always been right there with you.

You’ve worked hard to curate every element of your big day. From the perfect lines of the bridal gown and the way the suit and tie pair immaculately, to the shining wedding bands and stunning bouquet, your efforts deserve their moment to shine. These captures don’t necessarily require people in them, but don’t underestimate the power of a soft, blurred background featuring your favorite people while the details take Center Stage.

As you begin your dance through life together, don’t forget to document your very first steps in wedded bliss. It doesn’t matter if it’s a choreographed masterpiece or an impromptu get-down. Just make sure your photographer is at the ready when the DJ or band gets going.

The right song, a proper dance floor and bristling energy have a way of encouraging people to let their guard down. It’s the moment when strangers become friends and family. Laughter and happiness take over, and for a few moments, the rest of the world just melts away. You’ll always look back and smile at those photos of your guests having a blast on the dance floor together.

The beautiful flower girl. The sweet-yet-shy ring bearer. The babies held in the arms of your wedding guests. They will only be this tiny for a moment. They may not have any memory of your big day, but you can help ensure you have the photos to show them down the line. Make sure to capture every twinkle in their eyes.

Before you chart off on your honeymoon, capture the moment when your friends and family send you off in style. Whether you’re serenaded with a song, walk through a stream of bubbles, embrace each loved one lining your path, or you dance your way to the getaway car in a New Orleans-style Second Line, capture those blissful steps into the next phase of life.

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