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For those open to holistic healing and natural therapies, Ignite Health and Wellness at 3615 Bechelli Lane in Redding is the place to go for massage, guided meditation, cupping, Reiki and vibroacoustic therapy. Founder Sara Clark opened Ignite in 2019, and then her friend and fellow massage therapist Emily Wright came on board. They had both been massage therapists since 2014 and met while attending the Marinello School of Beauty.

Clark has lived in Redding since 1999 with her husband, 20-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son. She’s originally from Eugene, Ore., and lived in Chico for a while before moving to Redding. She earned her bachelor’s degree in science of health and wellness from Purdue University Global.

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“It was close to a good education system and the weather’s nice,” she says. They love hiking, boating, and being outdoors, close to lakes and mountains, and being centrally located. “The vibe here is much more in line with us.”

Ignite’s goal is to be a hub or a guide for people to achieve optimal holistic health and wellness. Clark wants people to know there are different treatment options for whatever they are going through, alternatives to traditional medicine (although much of it depends on lifestyle). Ignite’s five pillars to reaching optimal health include sleep, diet, mindset, movement and stress management.

The key with Ignite is for people to find their holistic balance and navigate their path by utilizing certain products and techniques. Ignite helps keep people on track, offer guidance if needed, and provide a network of likeminded people.

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“Health and wellness have always been a passion of mine and I’m not anti- anything, but for many people, their first choice is to get on medication. I feel deeply that should not be someone’s first approach. I think it’s important to be educated on your own body; I’m passionate about quality of life and there are things you can do to achieve that with plant medicine and being active,” Clark says.

When asked how people get into this type of holistic health and wellness mindset/lifestyle, Clark replies, “It all starts with a conversation. These conversations within the community get started, and information and knowledge begin starts shared in relation to achieving certain goals, and it broadens your perspective. When you have something really wrong with you, it can be scary. I can see why you’d want to go to a doctor, but they can be busy, and it can be hard to get in and receive the treatment you need. That’s why I think knowing your body is so important and what works for you.”

Ignite’s core client demographic is anyone open to alternative treatment options, she says, and her team works with people to identify what natural therapy could benefit them.

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“We have conversations to let them know there are a lot of options, since the body works as a whole. Wellness is our biggest service and we’re not in a huge office, but we have a network of acupuncturists, chiropractors and others who we can refer people to,” she says.

Ignite has a lot of regulars, working mainly through referrals and word-of-mouth. “We have a great clientele,” she says.

Four other therapists work at Ignite, specializing in not only massage but Chakra energy work, aesthetics, vibroacoustics and more.

Vibroacoustics is a noninvasive therapy that uses low- frequency sounds to help with DNA repair, pain relief, quelling anxiety and more. In a fully immersive experience, laying on a bed with headphones on for 30 minutes or longer, different frequencies run through your body, homing in on the different types of brainwaves found in a meditative or REM state. Thirty-minute sessions are common (but can be longer) and combined with cupping or Reiki sessions.

They also offer corporate wellness programs, including chair massage.

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Clark believes that getting out in the community, networking, meeting people, and making a true difference in people’s lives is what makes Ignite Health and Wellness so successful.

“When one person feels better and is living a good quality of life, then it definitely reflects on the rest of the community. Every person we touch is a success. We love serving the Redding area; we’re happy to be here and help people on their journey, educating people on holistic health. Quality of life is so important, and you can live healthily and simply. There are so many options for that.” •

Ignite Health and Wellness
3615 Bechelli Lane, Redding

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