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This month, Enjoy reached out to Brennen Hutchins, Executive Assistant of the Children’s Legacy Center and One SAFE Place.

ENJOY: What is One SAFE Place’s mission?

HUTCHINS: One SAFE Place strives to end the cycle of violence and trauma through crisis intervention, community education, drop-in services, advocacy support, shelter, transitional housing and legal services. It is our honor to serve our diverse clients and families in our community.

ENJOY: How is One SAFE Place funded?

HUTCHINS: One SAFE Place is heavily funded by local and state grants, as well as through the generous donations of our local community. This year, we received $530,000 in donations (27 percent of our budget) and $1.4 million in grants (73 percent of our budget).

ENJOY: We hear you have a big event coming up soon. Tell us about it!

HUTCHINS: The 37th Annual Crab Feed is February 3, and this is a major fundraiser for our services, clients and operations. We are thrilled to announce that tickets are on sale now – you won’t want to miss it!

ENJOY: What are the most pressing issues related to domestic violence and sexual assault, and how do you address these challenges?

HUTCHINS: Survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are a diverse population of individuals, each with their own unique experiences and needs. The development of client-centered, trauma-informed, low- barrier resources and services are essential as victims navigate complex, and often dangerous, decisions. One SAFE Place provides comprehensive client- centered drop-in services, advocacy support, shelter and transitional housing, legal services, and community education, supported by a dedicated and passionate team of staff and volunteers.

ENJOY: Can you share some recent successes?

HUTCHINS: In the last year, through collaborative partnerships, grants, and our generous community, One SAFE Place has expanded its transitional housing program and its capacity, offering skilled on-site case management and support as individuals and families transition into a safe and sustainable future. Through thoughtful and strategic planning, One SAEF Place also expanded services offered to survivors of all ages by offering more service options, focusing on the whole person and family needs, and their unique continuum of care.

ENJOY: How does one become involved as a volunteer?

HUTCHINS: Volunteers are welcome to serve our beautiful community at our annual Crab Feed each February. Additionally, our 24/7 Crisis Hotline is always in need of trained volunteers to skillfully and kindly assist individuals who call in with a concern or need advice in the midst of a crisis. If interested in either of these opportunities, please contact us via phone (530-244-0117), email ([email protected]), or the contact form on our website ( We can connect them with the program that best fits their skillset and availability. For many volunteer opportunities which involve direct client contact, such as crisis hotline, or serving in shelter, there is a training process to learn how to work directly with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Our staff will inform interested individuals of the specific requirements and opportunities for volunteering.•

One SAFE Place • (530) 768.1880

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