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Wintu Museum

A history of tradition in Shasta Lake… The Wintu Cultural Museum shares the story of the Wintu Tribe through artifacts, photographs and documents. It’s a look at the past, butRead More
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Manton Monastery

Eat, work, love… Tucked away on 42 acres of Ponderosa pine trees in Manton is the Monastery of St. John, a foundation of prayer, work and love for the EasternRead More
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My Town: Dee Donnelson

My Town: Beautiful Landscape, Caring People… To understand how I feel about Trinity County you would have to get a bit of drama background. I had always felt from aRead More
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The Wild Side

Animal prints in your wardrobe and home… 2020 is a wild time to be alive – and wild times call for wild measures. Perhaps the current rush on all thingsRead More