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Champion of the Community and Chiropractic, DR. Kay Kobe, DC…

In the heart of the vibrant community of the City of Shasta Lake, one extraordinary woman stands out as a beacon of service and commitment – Dr. Kay Kobe, DC. A Doctor of Chiropractic and an integral part of Shasta Lake for decades, Kobe has devoted her time and expertise to uplifting the community through various events and programs.

From the lively Shasta Damboree to the serene Friday Evening in the Park, and from the captivating Boomtown Museum to the solemn Veterans Parade, Kobe has been a constant presence, weaving her dedication into the fabric of the city. Her volunteer work spans years, contributing to the positive growth and development of the city. Fellow healthcare professional Debbie Hagey, who has known Kobe for more than 30 years, says, “I have never met anyone else who has done so much for the community.”

Dr. Kay Kobe. Photo by Melinda Hunter.

A champion of community programs, Kobe has played a pivotal role in securing grants for initiatives such as the Shasta Lake Gateway Library and the Boomtown Museum. Local youth have reaped the rewards of her efforts, benefiting from educational support and scholarships through events like the Shasta Damboree. Kobe’s collaboration with various nonprofit groups has built a foundation of support and connections, empowering others to exceed their own expectations. She says, “You get the community you are willing to work for.”

Yet, Kobe’s commitment extends beyond community involvement; it is deeply rooted in her passion for health and wellness. Her journey began with the Okazaki Lona Life Message at the Redding JuJitsu Academy in 1976, where she earned her black belt. As the co-owner and practitioner at Shasta Lake Chiropractic for more than 35 years, Kobe offers a personalized approach to wellness, emphasizing self-care, positive mental outlook, exercise and nutrition. One of her patients, Ken Gill, said Kobe had been helping him stay healthy for more than 10 years. Lifting and moving heavy objects on his job, Ken found himself in a lot of pain recently as his sciatic nerve had him debilitated. Kobe was one of the first calls he made, and with her help he is now back to work and feeling much better. Ken says, “Dr. Kay really takes the extra time to explain things. She is more than just a chiropractor; she is a friend who really cares.”

Her core principle revolves around the belief that the body is a self-healing organism when provided with the necessary resources. She employs a variety of hands-on chiropractic techniques and complements her practice with innovative therapies like mild hyperbaric, red light therapy and far infrared sauna. 

Photo by Melinda Hunter.

Hagey suffered from spinal headaches due to her intense work, and after the first visit, she noticed a marked improvement. Hagey notes, “Dr. Kay’s chiropractic treatments have helped me so much, and all of the other things she has added to her practice have really increased my quality of life and my ability to continue to do the job I love.” Hagey has been using the hyperbaric chamber to treat her tremors from Parkinson’s disease, and says the results are astounding. Her sister uses the hyperbaric chamber for tremors, and it has almost eliminated them. Hagey also uses the red light therapy and the far infrared sauna and has many stories to tell about the benefits, from younger looking skin and healthier hair to more energy and overall better health.

Kobe’s holistic approach extends beyond her practice as she collaborates with local practitioners to create a supportive network for her patients. Her recent partnership with Shasta Community Health Center-Shasta Lake further expands the reach of her holistic chiropractic care.

Advocating for total body health, Kobe emphasizes the profound impact of a positive mental outlook on physical well-being. Encouraging outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and yoga, she champions “functional exercise” over conventional gym routines. She says, “I find that my patients get their best results when they participate in their health care by being active, adopting healthy habits and eliminating the negative ones.”

Through her unwavering commitment, Kobe continues to shape the lives of individuals in Shasta Lake, leaving an indelible mark on the community she holds dear.•

Dr. Kay Kobe, DC • 4221 Shasta Dam Blvd., Shasta Lake
(530) 275-1585 •

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