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Golden Age Center in Trinity County…

Q&A with Robbie Dileo, Director of the Golden Age Center in Trinity County

Enjoy: What is the primary mission of The Golden Age Center?
Dileo: The Golden Age Center’s mission is to provide a safe, clean environment for seniors and anyone in the Weaverville area. Founded in 1976, the main purpose was to provide lunch service to those over 60 at the center and deliver to those homebound.

Enjoy: What types of programs and services do you offer to seniors?
Dileo: Our main service for seniors is still food support. Tuesdays we serve lunch at noon for $10. It is available to seniors and younger folks. The four-course meal is buffet style, with the menu planned monthly and published as a flyer and on Facebook. Once per month there are 75 deliveries of purchased and food bank items. The Blue Barn Thrift Store is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 4:30 pm, selling clothing, furniture and household items. Donations of gently used and clean things are between noon and 3 pm, on approval and space available.

Enjoy: What activities are available at the center?
Dileo: Social and recreational activities are mostly held on Wednesdays and are free. Yoga and line dancing alternate each week in the morning. We also have bingo with snacks twice per month, where winners get coupons for use at the center for purchases in the Blue Barn, lunch or bus rides.

Enjoy: How can people get there?
Dileo: We offer a bus with wheelchair lift Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. Hours are flexible, as all rides are by appointment by calling the driver. In Weaverville, the cost is $5 per person for a round trip. We are very proud that transportation for emergency services and social events can be arranged for a fee on any day of the week. The bus can go to Redding or for field trips.

Enjoy: What wellness programs do you provide?
Dileo: Health and wellness programs vary with lectures and training sessions by organizations in Weaverville. Health and Human Resources, Trinity County Behavioral Health Services and the local CHP have held programs. Lunches often have a guest speaker for a few minutes, along with announcements from directors on current events and a drawing for a free lunch coupon.

Enjoy: How can local seniors get involved?
Dileo: The community participates in programs and special events. Some events are fundraisers, like drive-through meals. The hall is frequently rented for parties and outside organization meetings. The commercial kitchen has been rented to support other local activities.

Enjoy: What volunteer opportunities are available?
Dileo: Volunteers generally help in the Blue Barn pricing and organizing merchandise, plus staffing special sales. Security and maintenance is usually done via volunteers. All directors are unpaid volunteers, seeing to the management of the center, grounds and the part-time paid staff. If a person has a talent and wants to help, we can usually find a project for them.

Enjoy: How is The Golden Age Center funded?
Dileo: Grants are critical to our success. Many recent grants were for the bus service to keep the normal ride fee to $5 and go to the Lewiston, Douglas City and Junction City communities at least once per month on Mondays. We have also received grants for building maintenance and for computers.

Enjoy: What’s on the horizon?
Dileo: Future plans include looking into a new roof and at the minimum fixing a couple leaks. Special Blue Barn sales outside are scheduled and a class on how to better use your cellphone. Updating internet service is pending and we are very excited that the main hall will be painted soon. Bus ads are being designed and paid for by local businesses and our partnership with the Lions will include bus rides during the 4th of July events. •

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