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The Eco-Friendly Wedding

Earth First Nuptials… For the environmentally conscious couple, having the wedding of their dreams – one that showcases what is at the heart of their sense of individuality – couldn’tRead More
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The Bride And Groom Stroll

Enjoy the View… Betsey Walton loves to take photos – when the people, their expressions, and the joy she can capture all come together, she knows why she’s a photographer.Read More
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Experience A River Romance Cruise

Love Boat… Imagine drifting down the Sacramento River and seeing a bald eagle swoop over you, trying to catch a fish. It’s nearing sunset and you’re peacefully going down theRead More
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Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories

If the Crown Fits… It’s almost the big day and all of the exciting details are coming together. You’ve got your dress, shoes and jewelry picked out, but what aboutRead More
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An Interview With Marilyn Peters, Owner Of Simply Elegant Bridal Boutique

An Elegant Dream… What did you do before owning the shop? My background is in nursing. For the last 10 years I was the regional director for a large non-profitRead More
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2020 Wedding Trends

In with the New… In 2020, wedding trends seem to center on one singular notion: Couples are passing on tradition and reaching, instead, for their own sense of individuality. WhileRead More
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Theresa Bryan’s Complete Health And Wellness Center

Oxygen Therapy… The act of breathing in oxygen is, of course, life supporting. It happens without thought or focus. But oxygen is more than just the air we breathe –Read More
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The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

Sugar Balance… “Lifestyle change is kind of big,” says Pauline Asbill, “and small lifestyle changes made over time help to form new habits.” This is certainly true for those individualsRead More
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The North State Healthy Moms Project

Not Alone… “The biggest complication of pregnancy is having a mental health issue,” says Barbara Sheehy, maternal mental health manager at Dignity Health. “One in five will have anxiety orRead More
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Taking Control Of Your Heart Health

Cardiac Rehab… Shasta Regional Medical Center is taking a double-sided approach to heart health: With the cardiac rehab program, registered nurses are working hard to get heart patients back onRead More
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SolShine Café And Mountain House Yoga In Montague

For Your Health… In a historic cowtown like Montague, located 15 minutes east of Yreka, an organic vegan café and yoga studio might be the last thing you’d expect toRead More
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Find Ways To Refocus And Take Time For Yourself

Just Breathe… When life gets hectic and altogether overwhelming, as it often does, one of the hardest things to remember is to just breathe. It’s advice we hear often butRead More
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Empire Recovery Center In Downtown Redding

A New Hope… According to hearsay, downtown Redding’s California Street was home to approximately 127 bars in the 1930s. With so many bars, it’s easy to imagine the percentage ofRead More
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Choosing The Right Fitness/Wellness Program

Find Your Fitness… Here we are again. Another new year. More than likely, the holidays passed in a series of food, family and frantic fun. Alliteration aside, it’s time toRead More
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Optometrist Michael Young Re-Discovers RETeval

A Vision from the Past… Deciding to take in a class while attending a vision conference, Redding optometrist Michael Young expected to receive new knowledge, but he was not readyRead More
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Ninja Coalition HQ In Redding

Way of the Warrior… Anyone who’s ever watched the NBC show “American Ninja Warrior” has probably thought at one point, “That doesn’t look that tough.” And while it’s likely tougherRead More
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My Town: Giving • By Joe Ayer

My Town: Giving… My wife, Kara, and I grew up in Southern California and through a series of work opportunities made our way north, landing in Redding in 2010. IRead More
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January 2020 Enjoy Northern California Living — Just Breathe

Editor’s Note… After the holiday hustle, a deep breath is long overdue – let’s quiet our minds and just breathe. Now, didn’t that feel good? This issue of Enjoy illuminatesRead More
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Wearable Metallics For Holiday Cheer

All That Glitters… It’s party season! We finally get to play with the bold and glittery palettes that spend most of their time sitting untouched at the back of yourRead More