Helpful Tips For The DIY Organizer

Declutter & Destress…

It’s one of those tasks that we continually push off, telling ourselves we’ll get to it eventually but never actually making it a priority: clearing the clutter. Those three words might sound daunting, igniting an underlying weight of anxiety, but clearing up your space refreshes body, mind and soul. Organized space is a breath of fresh air to the brain; working in a clean environment increases both creativity and productivity.  No longer having that ever-looming list of things to “get to” that keeps you up at night will ensure a better night’s sleep. Decluttering not only puts your mind at ease, it also gives your soul a fulfilling sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

How to get started?  

Commit.  Instead of adding more to your daily routine, schedule a day each week or a weekend each month dedicated to getting your clutter under control.  Setting aside specific days allows you the freedom to focus on decluttering without distraction. 

Start small. Tackle the easiest area first. A junk drawer is a good example. Eliminate everything you don’t use and re-organize the things you do. In the future, stick to keeping it that way.

Keep to the corners.  If you’re not ready to go big just yet, head to a cluttered corner, get rid of what isn’t used or wanted, and tidy up what’s left.

Set a timer for larger spaces.  When taking on larger areas, like a room or pantry, set a timer for 15 minutes. Do as much clearing out as you can within the time frame, and when the timer goes off, take a break. Take a look at what you accomplished within that short time and enjoy that wave of satisfaction. When you’re ready, restart that timer and repeat the process.

Bag it.  Grab a trash bag and walk through your house, filling it as quickly as you can. For additional motivation, time yourself and see if you can defeat your personal record. Once those bags are filled donate, recycle or trash them.

Take before and after shots.  Log your progress with before and after photos. Not only will this add to your sense of accomplishment, the “after” photos can also serve as a reference for keeping those areas tidy

in future. •

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