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Downtown Details…

What’s Going on in Downtown Redding? Mixed use Development

Three large mixed-use development projects are going up in downtown Redding at the beginning of 2020. These developments combine commercial and residential spaces and are developed to be responsive to downtown Redding and aim to offer a variety of benefits: improvements in affordability, walkability between housing, workplaces and other amenities, and stronger neighborhoods.

The current projects are referred to as a vertical mixed-use development. In vertical developments, the lower floors are designated for commercial spaces while the higher floors are reserved for private or residential spaces with the intention of providing a deeper sense of community.

Mixed-use developments have the benefit of built-in clientele for commercial spaces. Along with cultivating both a residential and commercial audience, mixed-use development projects have the power to attract interest and foot traffic. In addition, mixed-use retail tenants are generally the beneficiaries of recurring spending from local residents, including those within the mixed-use building.

Mixed-use projects are typically situated in densely packed areas in a central location that makes easy access to city amenities and creates connected and inclusive communities.

Another benefit associated with mixed-use developments is walkability. Last year, the National Association of Realtors surveyed 3,000 adult Americans living in the 50 largest metropolitan areas to understand their preferences to transportation. The survey revealed that, as a whole, Americans prefer walkable communities more now than ever before. In fact, 48 percent of respondents said they would prefer to live in communities that are within easy walking distance of community amenities.

In the know with JOE

The 7th Annual Hops & Shops downtown brew-fest is February 22. Experience downtown Redding like never before. Merchants welcome the community through their doors to explore what shopping local is all about. Sample regional craft beers from microbreweries, each of whom will be sampling ales inside downtown shops. Receive a walking map of participating locations, sampling glass and custom re-usable bag. Rain or shine event. Visit businesses such as Janine’s Jewelry, Wavelengths Salon, Pages Copy Center, Nor-Cal Vape, Boardmart, Enjoy the Store, Carousel & California St. Labs plus many more! 

Tickets: $35 pre-sale •

The 2020 Downtown Discount Cards are still available. Receive downtown discounts from 20 business all year long. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Viva Downtown Redding, 1725 Market St. Redding, CA 96001 and we will send yours immediately! 

Downtown Business Spotlight

Deja Vu: Residing in the heart of downtown within the historic Lorenz Hotel, Deja Vu Restaurant and Espresso Cafe has been a family owned eatery since 1995.  Owner Karline Niver holds a strong background in the food industry and runs her business as she does her life, always making an effort to be   good to people, believing people will be remembered more for their kindness than any level of success.  Deja Vu’s atmosphere reflects its owner’s kind heart and ability to make anyone feel at home, providing a welcoming, homestyle setting to locals and visitors alike.  Not only will consumers feel at home here, but their tastebuds will rejoice over the delicious menu options, including a selection of 15 different omelettes, a unique variety of Eggs Benedict and flavorful choices for sweeter clientele.  Deja Vu is also known for its specialty coffees and provides breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

1590 California St. • Redding  • (530) 244-4272

Downtown Business Spotlight

For Elyse: Sparked by a mother-daughter dream, For Elyse began in 1998 and has since evolved into a successful business.  This lovely boutique is committed to providing outstanding customer service, unprecedented quality, and unique style inspired by current trends.  Upon entering the boutique, customers are greeted by personal stylists excited to create a memorable shopping experience.  Each stylist is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the boutique’s various collections to find and create a look the customer will adore. For Elyse has years of experience in bringing together collections that blend into everyday life, with a passion that has lived on through three generations of women.  One visit to this beautiful downtown boutique will leave each customer in love for more.1712 California Street  •  (530) 246-4900 • • Find For Elyse on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

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