Choosing Your Bridal Hair Accessories

If the Crown Fits…

It’s almost the big day and all of the exciting details are coming together. You’ve got your dress, shoes and jewelry picked out, but what about a special accessory for your hair? There are many fabulous alternatives to a veil, including flowers, headbands, clips and crowns.

First, consider your hairstyle. This determines the type of wedding hair accessories to choose for your big day. Big updos and voluminous hairstyles require heavier accessories, while daintier and simple accessories pair well with shorter or more minimalist styles. What to choose? For a bigger ‘do, try a wide headband or crystal tiara or crown. Be sure the accessory has weight and is substantial enough to be seen. For daintier styles, try a halo strand and wrap around a bun or even throughout your hair.

What’s your theme? Are you a boho bride or ballgown beauty? Your accessory shouldn’t distract from your overall style, but rather enhance it. Boho chic? Try a flower comb or double-banded halo hairpiece worn like a headband. Pulled back bun? Try a delicate tiara or cathedral-style veil for full princess effect. 

Try it on! Just as with a wedding dress, try on your hair accessories, as well. Take pictures from different angles to see whether the accessory shows up in your hair. Something that may not have even caught your eye originally may end up being that something special. 

Destination weddings. There are many factors to consider, one being as climate. Hair accessories for a beach wedding can include lots of pearls, flowers and nature-inspired details. Heading to Las Vegas? Try a sassy fascinator and face veil to go with a shorter retro dress, or tap into the Parisian vibe with a teased half-up look capped off with an oversized, satin bow. Winter or holiday wedding? Think sparkling snow and crystals. There’s really no limit to what you can wear in your hair. 

Color matters. The color of the accessory should correspond to your style and theme. Pick a hue that will light up your look.  Choose warmer tones such as gold, rose gold and pearls for ivory, champagne and off-white dresses, and silver, crystal and diamond accents for white and silver-toned gowns. 

Costume change. Many brides who can’t decide on one dress are adding a second (or even third) look. Why not change your hairstyle, too? Swap that updo with pearls for flowing tresses with a flower crown. Or why not incorporate a hair accessory with your rehearsal dinner or bridal shower look? Glittering hair combs or pearl-adorned bobby pins are feminine and romantic. Plus, they’re a perfect way to distinguish your bridal look from your regular aesthetic and get several uses out of an incredibly special hairpiece. 

The best thing about a hair accessory is that it truly ties your bridal look together, especially if you opt for simple jewelry and shoes that won’t be seen under your dress. While some brides choose a long veil or glitzy tiara, others may opt for a flower crown or headwrap. No matter the style or theme, if you find an accessory you really love, you can certainly find a way to wear it.  •

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