Do Good

10 Ways to Make a Difference…

Showing gratitude and giving back are great ways to express appreciation for people and experiences in your life. It doesn’t always have to involve money or even a large amount of time. Small gestures of kindness can have a ripple effect and makes the world a better place. There are thousands of ways to show you care. Use your imagination, look around your community, talk to your neighbors and friends to find ways you can make a difference. Here are a handful of ideas to get you started.

  1. Find a nonprofit organization that aligns with your interests and offer your time
    and skills. Most charities are looking for volunteers and it’s a great way to meet
    new people.
  2. Perform random acts of kindness. Give an unexpected compliment, buy someone’s coffee, buy a warm meal for someone in need.
  3. Help an elderly neighbor with household chores or rides to the grocery store. Offer to take them to a movie or community theatre.
  4. Offer to babysit for a new mom who’s overwhelmed – even if you just stay in their home while they get some sleep.
  5. Invite someone to share a meal with you, either by taking them out or cooking a meal together. Breaking bread with an acquaintance is a universal way to bond.
  6. Actively listen when someone wants to talk or share their thoughts. Show you value their perspective and feelings.
  7. A handwritten thank-you note is a heartfelt way to express gratitude.
  8. Choose to buy from local businesses to help boost your community’s economy.
  9. Donate to local food banks or shelters. Food, clothing and money are always needed.
  10. Save lives by donating blood, plasma or platelets at your local blood bank.

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