A Million Tiny Moments

Moments of Gratefulness…

Life is strung together by a million tiny moments. Some of them fly under the radar, lost in the business
of the day. Others are quiet, preferring to announce themselves with blissful simplicity. And then there are those moments that seem to generate their own light, radiating infinite joy in every direction. Those are the moments that stay with us for a lifetime. This month, as we celebrate this season of gratitude, we asked our readers and Enjoy team members to share the moment in 2023 for which they have been most grateful this year.

“Being a mom of four and a grandma of two rambunctious boys, I’m grateful for a quiet
day with my husband, at my local hidden swimming hole. Tucked away in nature is really the place to be – it’s quiet and magical.”
– Jamie McClain,
Shasta Lake City

“As an avid wildlife photographer, my most grateful moment happened while I was on the hunt for a hummingbird-like insect on my wildlife bucket list. Two photographer friends joined me in search of the elusive White-lined Sphinx Moth. With camera gear in hand, we headed to the mountain town of Mineral, determined to find our quarry. We were unsuccessful in our quest, until a young boy on his bicycle joyfully led us to a small patch of flowers, overflowing with moths. I find no greater sense of gratitude than what I encounter when spending quality time with friends and the miracles of Mother Nature.”
–Jane Dysert, Anderson

“If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude,
a feeling that nurtures the soul.”
—Rabbi Harold Kushner

“July 23, 2023 was our 29th wedding anniversary. My husband Terry and I spent it at the coast. We had such a great time on the beach, putting our toes in the sand, listening to the waves crashing, laughing, and spending quality time together. We ate at Moonstone Grill, and the food and service were amazing. The beach is one of our favorite places to relax and rejuvenate. I’m forever grateful for my husband who has always been a provider, protector and fun-loving person.”
– Melinda Hunter,
Photographer with Enjoy Magazine,
Shasta Lake City

“Being a part of the marketing team at Enjoy Magazine is truly the best! The opportunity to help my clients showcase their business or corporation is what brings me joy every day. Enjoy is so passionate about our community. It is an honor to be a part of this team!”
– Connie Blanc,
Marketing Consultant,
Enjoy Magazine,

“I am incredibly grateful to have been able to work remotely in Ohio for the entire month of October, spending time with four of my grandkids. I was their Granny Nanny while my daughter and son-in-law navigated their crazy, busy lives. I am thankful I have a job that allows flexibility and bosses whose motto is ‘family is always first.’ Happy Thanksgiving!”
– Ronda Alvey, Editor in Chief
Enjoy Magazine, Redding

“I’m grateful for the day in late August when I got to adopt Maple, a mini-lop bunny from Friends of Unwanted Rabbits. Maple was rescued out of a bad situation where she had no interaction with people. Now, she probably has more interaction than she wants. It has been so much fun watching her cute little personality come out over these last few months as she flops and bounces around. She saved me as much as I saved her.”
– Kayla Anderson,
Enjoy Magazine,
Incline Village

“I remain thankful for all the people I get to enjoy every day. I travel a lot in my work with Enjoy Magazine, for my own business and on behalf of other companies. I think it’s fulfilling to my servant’s heart. I like being able to go out and see people every day, spontaneously, in different places, markets, cities. The collaboration and how they all work together for the good of all – that really gets me going. It’s been said that doing what you love means you never have to work a day in your life. I’ve been retired for quite some time now, but my work continues through loving others and seeing things grow before me.”
– Kevin Gates,
Marketing Consultant,
Enjoy Magazine, Chico

“Gratitude sweetens even the smallest moments.”

We hope these sweet glimpses into the lives of others will inspire you to continue looking for beauty in every moment – from the mundane to the magnificent. Thanks to everyone who took time to share a cherished memory with us. Here’s to many more moments of gratitude – ones that will remain etched into our hearts. •

About Kimberly N. Bonéy

Proud wife and mom, is a freelance writer, designer, up-cycler and owner of Herstory Vintage. When she’s not working, she is joyfully wielding jewelry-making tools and paintbrushes in her studio. Antique shops, vintage boutiques, craft stores and bead shops are her happy place.

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