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Tehama County Community Pet Pantry…

This month, Enjoy reached out to the Tehama County Community Pet Pantry Animal Care Center Manager, Christine McClintock of Tehama County Animal Services, to find out a bit more about their organization.

ENJOY: How does the Community Pet Pantry help pet owners experiencing financial hardship access food for their pets? MCCLINTOCK: The pet pantry allows members of the public to receive food for their animals when they could not otherwise make ends meet.

ENJOY: What types of pet food do you provide to those in need? MCCLINTOCK: The pantry is stocked by donations, so the types of food available are not consistent. Though brands will vary, we generally have both wet and dry food for dogs and cats.

ENJOY: Are there limitations or restrictions on the amount of food a pet owner can receive?
MCCLINTOCK: We ask clients to limit themselves to what it will take to feed their pets for a week, or two gallon-sized bags.

ENJOY: How frequently can pet owners access your services for pet food assistance?
MCCLINTOCK: We ask people to limit visits to once per week.

ENJOY: Is there a registration or application process that pet owners need to go through to receive assistance?
MCCLINTOCK: No, the pantry is self-serve and available by walk- in every day during business hours.

ENJOY: Are there any additional services or resources you offer to help pet owners beyond food assistance?
MCCLINTOCK: We have personalized pet tags available to the public, and offer routine vaccine and microchipping clinics at no charge.

ENJOY: Are pet food donations and/or monetary donations welcome?
MCCLINTOCK: Monetary donations generally go directly to medical care for our animals, and are the most in need at this time.

ENJOY: How can pet owners in financial need get in touch with your organization to request assistance?
MCCLINTOCK: The pet pantry at 1830 Walnut St. in Red Bluff is available on a walk-in basis from 11am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 1 to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. There are additional support resources on our website: departments/animal-services/animal-care-laws-permits/pet-food- pantry/ •

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