What I Enjoy – Eric Merlo

Eric Merlo | Club Manager at NS Fit, Redding

What I enjoy most about the North State: I personally love that we have four seasons here in California. I enjoy the lakes during the summer, colors changing during fall, the rainy days of winter and the various colors during spring.

Movie: I am a huge Star Trek fan. The remake in 2009 had me in the theaters a few times, absolutely loved it! I have always wondered about the idea of space travel and the limitless potential space exploration has to offer.

Home Cooked Meal: My favorite meal is a good steak cooked on the barbecue, some potatoes and a salad. Something this simple always beats going out, especially when paired with a good red wine.

Quote: “Failure doesn’t exist when we make an effort, but rather when we don’t; that is when we fail.”

Place to Travel: Man, I would love to visit Rome. My wife Serrina and I have dreamed of going there, and hopefully in the near future we will get the opportunity to go.

Sport or Hobby: I always enjoyed baseball, and even collecting various baseball cards and memorabilia. I’d say my oldest and valued card in the collection is a 1941 Ted Williams.

Holiday: I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, but if I had to choose one, it would be Christmas. I love the weather during this holiday. It’s usually rainy and cold, and I feel it sets the mood to be indoors spending time with family and loved ones.

Website: eBay. The marketplace is addicting and easy to scroll products for hours. I will usually shop there for everything, and even bid on stuff for even better deals.

Season: I’d say toward the end of spring into summer, right before it starts getting too hot to be outside. It is the perfect balance of weather to enjoy barbecues, dining outside and being on the lake.

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