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my town: blessed with choices

The My Town contributors who precede me no doubt called out the incredible number of amenities that the Redding area boasts: Excellent schools, little traffic, glorious weather, a world-class trail network, the landmark Cascade Theatre, the breathtaking Sundial Bridge and the oasis that is the arboretum, to name just a few. At the edges, we share with fox and fawn rolling hills that meet mountains, lakes, national forests and a national park.

We are blessed with choices. You can browse the golden treasures of a King Tut exhibit at Turtle Bay Exploration Park or lose yourself at one of Whiskeytown Lake’s cloistered waterfalls, our very own jewels. You can delight in night skiing on the slopes of majestic Mt. Shasta or grab a bite and enjoy the band at the food truck hub in the Cultural District. You can take in a collegiate baseball game at historic Tiger Field on a hot summer’s night or drop a line in the cool waters of Clear Creek.

People who grow up here are like the Sacramento River salmon that make the journey home to spawn. After living on both coasts, my husband and I returned to Redding to raise a family. Our sons are our greatest accomplishment and growing up in Redding served them well. They benefited from school choice in an area of distinguished public and charter schools where intra-district transfers are common. They knew our neighbors who, in turn, knew them by name. Nature and open space were our backyard, while lovely parks and well-appointed sporting fields were readily available.

While the amenities seduce people to boomerang back or relocate here, the community compels them to stay. Sure, we have civic squabbles, but our lives are mostly quiet – until they’re not, and then we step up. Not so long ago, GoFundMe named Redding a Top 10 most generous community. It was evident during the Carr Fire when residents fed, housed, clothed, furnished and funded the multitudes who lost their homes. On Giving Tuesdays, donation records are regularly broken. Volunteer opportunities and volunteers abound here. I have met so many amazing people volunteering!

Redding is where I have made wonderful memories, made best friends, married my high school sweetheart, launched a career and raised a family. I have never forgotten where I started. I will always be proud to call my town home.

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