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The Bantam Kitchen & Cooler’s Cajun Shrimp…


The Bantam Kitchen & Cooler is a hidden gem located at 2704 Hartnell Ave. Suite J in Redding. If you’re looking for some Southern comfort food, you’re in for a treat. Shrimp and grits, hush puppies with remoulade dip, cowboy nachos and po’ boy sandwiches are just some of the delicious food served at this quaint restaurant. Check out their menu at www.thebantamkitchen.com. Enjoy!


4 T butter
2 T cajun spice (such as Slap Ya Mamma or Tony Chacheres Creole Seasoning)
7 shrimp raw, shelled, deveined)
½ cup heavy whipping cream
French roll (sliced)
Green onion (thinly sliced for garnish)



STEP 1: Melt butter in small saute pan.
STEP 2: Add cajun spice. Bring up to high heat.
STEP 3: Add shrimp to pan. Cook on high heat for one minute on each side coating shrimp in cajun spice.
STEP 4: Add heavy cream. Reduce heat to medium.
STEP 5: Let simmer until cream has reduced, about 4 minutes.
STEP 6: While sauce reduces, toast sliced French roll.
STEP 7: Shrimp and sauce can be plated in a bowl and topped with sliced green onion.

•Less cajun spice can be used for those who are looking for something mild.
•Serve over grits.
•Easy to double or triple recipe.
•Plate this with the bread in the bottom of the bowl and pour the sauce over the top so the bread is soaked in the cajun cream sauce.

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