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Just in case you missed a few things this summer, here are five easy things to do this fall to check off your bucket list.


One of the more overlooked national monuments in the country, the Lava Beds National Monument is a regional treasure and well worth spending at least one day exploring. With more than 800 caves spanning across 46,000 acres in Siskiyou and Modoc counties, there is something to do for everyone. (photo right)


Sticking with the inner-earth theme, Shasta Caverns is having a banner year, and for good reason. It’s a great experience from the moment you buy your tickets. It takes a short boat ride across a section of Lake Shasta to get to the caves, after which you will enjoy a 45-to-60 minute guided tour through a labyrinth of magical caves. (photo below)


Small, medium and large. At just over 14,000 feet, Mt. Shasta is pretty tall, but it doesn’t mean you have to hike all the way to the top to experience it. There are numerous hiking trails on and around the mountain, each with its own unique qualities and difficulty levels.

Small: Panther Meadows Trail. An easy 1.1-mileoutand-back trail with a 230 foot elevation gain starting at about 7,500 foot. At the end of the Panther Meadows trail, there is a wonderful mountain spring, streaming fresh water directly out of the mountain. Bring a bottle to enjoy it. (photo opposite page)

Medium: Gray Butte Trail. Known for its incredible views, this challenging out-and-back trail has an elevation gain of 646 feett over 3.3 miles.

Hard: Helen Lake Trail. Starting out at Bunny Flat, you’ll enjoy a 3,464 foot elevation gain hike over 6.5 miles, up to Helen Lake, which is at 10,400 feet.


After your Mt. Shasta adventure, it is almost mandatory to reward yourself with one of the best Artisan hamburger meals in the world, at “Yaks on the 5” in Dunsmuir. People drive from all over to enjoy their creations. You can’t go wrong with the Blonde Bombshell or the More Than Just A Peanut Butter burger. Expect a wait on the weekends.


This is where the locals go. This four-mile hiking/walking/running loop-around trail is relatively easy and is situated in a beautiful location, the Horsetown Clear Creek Preserve near Igo. It features a river and has a magnificent vista point •

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