My Town: Emily Baker

Emily Baker is a Brand Ambassador for the Chico Honey Company and describes her town of Capay as “tight-knit.”

Glenn County has been the home of my family for more than four generations. I was raised in the agronomically based town of Willows until relocating to the Orland area after I completed school. Since then I have enjoyed living in the small farming district of Capay for four years. Capay lies just a few miles outside of Orland and is divided by only 10 or so roads.

Every season holds something special to look forward to. With the community sitting right alongside of the flourishing Sacramento River, there is never a shortage of activities to look forward to, whether it be fishing for salmon during the summer or hunting in the spring and fall. During the spring, my fiancé and I enjoy the almond blooms from the orchards on his family’s ranch. Capay is a place where you can wake up and go for a walk only to be greeted by dairy cows coming in for their morning feeding. It is also not abnormal to cross paths with a neighbor out plucking trash from the side of the road in an attempt to keep our little farm district pristine.

I admire the tight-knit community where everyone knows you by name. On Fridays the family-owned market known as Capay’s Harvest hosts a burger night, sometimes with a movie or live music. Capay residents enjoy this time with their neighbors. They even go as far as inviting Santa Claus out in the days prior to Christmas, so all of the local children have a chance to meet and give him their Christmas wish. On a regular basis you are reminded of the kindhearted community. It is no surprise to hear a knock on your door in the late afternoon by students selling tickets to school fundraisers. Even the rural fire department is entirely volunteer and offers time to no end.

While I haven’t been in Capay for long, I look forward to creating a long life here with my future husband. I am constantly reminded of why I love to call Capay my town.

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