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Forest Bathing: Unplug – Restore…

We have know for quite some time that all the technological advancements may catch up with us at some point, and recent global events are proving that out. Many aspects of our natural, mental and physical health have taken a back seat to being plugged into the worldwide grid, and our immune system has paid the price. It’s time to restore, and we have just the ticket.

Photo by: Nigel Skeet

Forest Therapy

Getting back to nature and specifically “to the trees” is one of the best things you can do for your health – trees breathe in and out, and submerging yourself in the organic compounds the conifers produce as they transpire throughout the day have a plethora of physical and physiological benefits.

Submerging yourself in a forest for a few days will allow your body to breathe in what the trees breathe out, and research has shown that “bathing” in the vapor of trees has a significant impact on your immune system. Lucky for us, we live in a part of California that is surrounded by forests all around us, including the Redwood State Park in Humboldt County. Taking a few days off and submerging yourself in the Redwoods will do miracles for your health and sanity.

Photo by: Nigel Skeet

Call Elk Meadow Cabins in Orick and book a guided tour with certified Forest Therapist, Justin Legge. Legge loves to share his extensive knowledge and passion for the trees with humans. Then, disappear by yourself for a few days and leave your phone at basecamp. Your heart will thank you. There’s no cell signal, anyway.

And if you want to go all the way and do an in-depth before-and-after, go see your doctor, have some blood drawn, and detox a day or two before you go. Then spend at least three days forest bathing in the Redwoods. Upon your return home, have your blood drawn again and have a lab do a comparison. Once you see the results, we’re certain you’ll do it regularly.

Go ahead – hug a tree!

Photo by: Nigel Skeet
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