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Soil erosion was brought to Congress’ attention during the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s. It was shown to be the number one priority for sustaining a healthy agricultural industry. This sparked the inception of the Soil Conservation Service, today known as the Natural Resource Conservation Service. The group was formed alongside local counterparts known as Resource Conservation Districts, one of which is here in the North State.

The Resource Conservation District of Tehama County began in 1987 as a legal subdivision of the State of California to conserve natural resources within its region. The district covers 1,761,000 acres, excluding the cities of Red Bluff, Corning and Tehama. The acreage includes a variety of landscapes, such as valley floor agriculture and urban uses, foothill grasslands and chaparral, blue oak woodlands and mixed forest communities.  

The nonprofit is wholly funded by donations, grants and contracts, which are used to better equip the public for managing, conserving and improving Tehama County’s natural resources. It also makes sure land decisions are socially acceptable, environmentally sound and economically feasible. This district provides numerous services to residents, landowners, agricultural producers and government agencies. These include project development and execution for noxious weed mapping and eradication, wildfire prevention plans, irrigation evaluation and technical assistance, wood chipping services, educational services and materials, and workshops for students and the public.

Along with its many services, the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County plays an active role in wildfire protection issues, updating and preparing numerous local Community Wildfire Protection Plans. Its staff has expertise in developing these plans and coordinates these activities for the Tehama-Glenn Fire Safety Council. With an extensive knowledge in creating planning documents, maps and graphics, paired with success in getting said plans approved by state and local entities, the Resource Conservation District of Tehama County offers expertise through outreach activities and community meetings about wildfire prevention efforts. 

The organization is happy to provide community services, from helping residents with financial management and oversight of natural resource conservation projects to renting out its wood chipper. No matter how big or small the task, the district has remained committed since 1987 to the betterment of the community, improving the beautiful lands of the North State for future generations to enjoy. •

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By Emily Miranda
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