My Town: Dee Donnelson

My Town: Beautiful Landscape, Caring People…

To understand how I feel about Trinity County you would have to get a bit of drama background. I had always felt from a young age that I was born under a rock. That feeling stayed with me until life brought me to Trinity County. It was like coming home. It’s not just the landscape, which is so beautiful, although it is changing again drastically as it did in the gold mining era. It is the people.

When I came here, there was a whole different mindset that I had never experienced. That feeling you get of security, love and camaraderie all rolled into one. It’s the kindness, understanding and the feeling that when the chips are down, all bad feelings are set aside, the good comes out and we band together. It is an underlying way of life in Trinity County. It is our way. I see so many people come up here who feel it, are mesmerized by the beauty and want to have some of that feeling, but just never get it.

It is not easy living in a county that is larger than L.A. County, but has 12,500 people, give or take. You must be prepared, innovative and tough, and hope you don’t get caught with your pants down when that unexpected storm, fire or virus hits.  

We are like our beautiful landscape – sparse in some areas, tall and strong in other areas.  Love and kindness go a long way with us, but if you catch us in a fire, we just grow back with the next rain and snowstorm the following winter.

Photo by: MC Hunter Photograph
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