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It’s no secret to those who love living in the North State: Our area is loaded with adventures in every nook and cranny of our beautiful landscape. From the heights of Mt. Shasta to the peak of Mt. Lassen, and through the twists and turns of the Sacramento River, exploration and discoveries are all within reach.

Marcus Duvoisin has decided to help take the North State to a new level through Ooowee Adventures. His company offers outdoor guided adventures for those who want to explore and maybe find a new passion.

Duvoisin has extensive climbing experience around the world. “I’ve been guiding climbing trips for more than six years now. I went through guide school through the American Mountain Guide Association and love sharing my passion of climbing with others,” he says. “I grew up in Redding, it’s such a great hub for the outdoors in really every direction.” 

Living in Sacramento, he guided a few trips with the Girl Scouts, where he saw the need for kids to unplug and connect with the outdoors. The kids discover what could be a lifelong passion as well as a way to help deal with the stresses of life. For parents, the opportunity to experience an adventure with their child is a great way to connect and discover together. Trips include mountain biking, rock climbing, outdoor yoga, snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, sunset photography and backpacking, all led by guides that Duvoisin calls “outdoor advocates.”

Guide Ryan Thompson shares his tips and tricks of photography with a sunset photography wine hike. Kyle Adams, a sponsored mountain biker and bike tech, leads the Swasey mountain biking tour, teaching participants of all skill levels about the trails. Nicaylen Rayasa’s passion is sharing the beauty of the world and connecting with nature through backpacking. Redding native Garrett Barnes shows people through the backcountry on skis, while Candace Poirier teaches yoga while enjoying the scenery of Whiskeytown Lake. Blaken Geisel exceeds heights at mountaineering.

Another advocate for outdoor adventures is the Shasta Rock Club. Duvoisin credits Ben Goodpasture for helping to grow the climbing community in Redding. Goodpasture also recruited Duvoisin to coach the climbing team. “It’s been some of my favorite memories while back in Redding,” recalls Duvoisin.

Ooowee Adventures also gives people an option to donate gear rentals for youth. The right gear helps kids get the most of the great outdoors. The trips this season are all donation-based – a pay-what-you-can-afford type of price. “It’s not about making money right now. It’s about investing in growing the outdoor community here,” says Duvoisin. There’s also an opportunity for kids which allows them to have an outlet to help balance out life in a healthy way. “It’s also about getting people outside and feeling good in a time where moods are down from being sheltered in place, and our perception of life is shaken,” he says. “One thing is certain though. We will persevere and we will get back to enjoying our lives.

“Life is breaking the norm, straying from the familiar and acquainting yourself with the undistinguished. When your life becomes habitual, you are enduring the routine. Make every day foreign and every experience mystifying.” 

As far as helping kids deal with stress, he advises, “Expose them to as many different outdoor outlets as you can: hiking, kayaking, swimming, biking, skiing, climbing. Take them to beautiful places you both enjoy. They will let you know what they like best. Sharing your passion with your kids, whatever that may be, are very special moments for a parent. Sign up for a trip if you are a beginner and need help getting started. By the end of the trip, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the activity and can pursue it on your own with your family.”

Tips for your adventure:

Pick your activity

Plan your travel

Sort and organize gear

Pack snacks, water, sunscreen

The day/night before:

Eat nutritious foods 

Stretch/work out

Have things all prepared

Sleep well

By Christy Milan
Photo courtesy of Ooowee Adventures

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