In Honor Of Moms

May is the month we set aside a special day to remember our mothers and others who have influenced our lives as only moms can.

What is a mom? Does a mom have to be a blood relation? Could she be adopted? Could she be a friend? A grandmother?  A teacher? A coach? A neighbor? A mom is anyone who breathes fire and life into our soul. She teaches what is important, inspires us to dream and work toward those dreams, brings happiness and creates memories. A mom helps create a vision of what we can be.

Here’s what Sophie, a junior at Foothill High School, believes a mom is:

Probably one of the greatest beings to walk the planet. Mothers, I mean. You are selfless, beautiful, resilient and ever-forgiving. You give every day and do the tasks that no one else wants to do. You do the dishes when we don’t want to, you drive us places when you don’t want to, you help us in our life struggles when you are exhausted. That’s what makes you a mom. The little things. No big flashy shows, but the little things you do every. single. day. You raise us even when we are difficult and love us even when we don’t think we want it; you choose us every day, over and over again. You understand us even when we don’t understand ourselves. You help us be a functioning part of society and show us how to have a profound impact on the lives of others. You are incredible. I’ve created this word for myself that represents moms: Soulbreather – you breathe soul. That’s the literal definition, but to me, soul is something so powerful and moms are every bit of it. You are the essence of life, the creator of love. You breathe everything good on this planet and are so incredibly powerful in your soul and I see it every day. You are my source of love.  

The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation would like to honor all the “Soulbreathers” during the month of May as we honor and celebrate moms. Moms, whoever they are, whatever type they may be, are the backbone of our communities. The mission of The Women’s Fund is “to help mobilize the power of women through collective philanthropy… to create a better future for women and their families in the Redding area.” Whether it be helping women and children gain financial literacy, holding educational forums such as “Women In Non-Traditional Career Paths” and “Raising Girls’ Aspirations and Expectations” or making grants to established non-profits that work directly with women and their families in the Redding area, The Women’s Fund demonstrates that, together, we can all play a part in breathing fire and life into the soul of our community.    

If you have a Soulbreather you’d like to honor during this Mother’s Day month, consider funding a membership for the mom in your life, or making a contribution to the Women’s Fund in honor or memory of your mom or any loved one who has breathed life into your soul and made you feel happy and safe. A special card will be sent informing her, or a designee, of your choice to recognize her with a membership or donation (donation amount will not be included) made in honor of her love. There is no limit to how many women you can recognize. If you are not currently a member, we invite you to join us in our efforts to help make a difference for women and families in our community. 

All memberships or contributions can be made online at  or via check payable to The Women’s Fund of SRCF and mailed to 1335 Arboretum Drive, Ste. B, Redding, CA 96003. Please notate who the membership is for, or in memory of, and the address if you’d like a card sent. 

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