March 2020 Enjoy — Clear The Clutter

Editor’s Note…

Daffodils bloom, sunshine abounds – and that junk drawer overflows. It’s springtime in the North State, and we’re ready to clear the clutter!

We know we’ll never need to reference that old utility bill again, and we feel guilty about donating that candelabra that Aunt Susan gave us many years ago, even though it’s not a great fit with our décor. Why do we hang onto these things? We’ve got some explanations that might help you get on the path to a more well-organized home. 

If organizing your memories has been on your to-do list, Crown Camera and Video stands ready to help. The long-standing downtown business has been revitalized, and it offers digitization of film and slides, photo printing, memory mashups and more. Treat yourself to a trip down Memory Lane as you go through all of those old treasured photos that have been in shoeboxes for decades.

Ladies, don’t let your makeup drawer skip the decluttering process. We’ve got some tips to help you decide what should stay and what should go among your beauty products. 

Who needs some mental decluttering? The schedules, the grocery lists, the vacation plans, the deadlines – some days, we wish we had a “restart” button on our brains. Consider clearing your mind with a little road trip, and if you don’t have a destination in mind, we found a fun little spot in Taylorsville near Quincy. Young’s Market has been renovated into a comfortable spot to grab something to eat, sit by the fireplace and check out some history – their 105-year-old cash register is still in operation, and generations of folks have enjoyed the nostalgia that it evokes.

Wishing you a spectacular spring – enjoy!

The Enjoy Team

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At Enjoy, the goal is to share all that is good about living in the North State. To see so many people truly enjoy the magazine is an incredible reward for the whole team. Having only exposed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to story ideas, there’s so much more to share with our community in the years to come.

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