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Downtown Details…

What’s Going on in Downtown Redding?

The Downtown Streets Circulation Project includes the reestablishment of the formerly abandoned Market, Butte and Yuba Streets and will include the construction of pedestrian and bicycle-friendly amenities; new sidewalks and streets with concrete, asphalt concrete and concrete pavers. New street lights and landscaping will complement the new and existing aesthetics of the redevelopment projects. In addition, there will be extensive reconstruction of aging underground utilities including wastewater, water and electric. These improvements will restore the downtown street grid creating access to the core of downtown and the new residential and commercial spaces being created and revitalized. 

Viva Downtown, the designated Main Street America organization in downtown Redding, has been advocating for “complete streets” for the past 20 years. Complete streets is a transportation policy and design approach that requires streets to be planned, designed, operated and maintained to enable safe, convenient and comfortable travel and access for users of all ages and abilities regardless of their mode of transportation. Complete Streets allow for safe travel by walking, cycling, driving cars riding public transportation or delivering goods.

“We’re real happy to see the plans for Market Street involving all different kinds of transportation modes,” says John Truitt, Viva Downtown Executive Director. “The more choices for getting around, the more people you have using a street. It makes good economic sense.”


Here’s the Blakedown

Blake Fisher, Viva Downtown Program Coordinator

Happy New Year!

Downtown Redding is thriving after a successful year of projects and development and 2020 will continue that trend. Downtown has been changing and growing and no better time to embrace change and growth than with your own New Year resolutions. Downtown is home to five maker spaces where you can pick up or improve skills ranging from calligraphy, art, woodwork, creating and mending clothing, and cooking. Those spaces are Treat Design Studio, The Makery, Board and Brush, Redding Fashion Alliance and Sizzle’s Kitchen. Make learning a new skill a priority of your New Year resolutions while supporting these hardworking, innovative downtown creators. You can find links to them all at


Downtown Business Spotlight

This classic hometown boardshop sits in downtown Redding, tucked amidst rivers, lakes and trails in our recreational-focused region. Locally owned by the Craig and Ercolano families, Boardmart has been an active staple in the adventure community since its establishment in 1995. Boardmart offers an array of services from sales to rentals and repairs by expert technicians for snow, wake, skate and stand-up paddleboards.  Each crew member receives extensive training to ensure customers are given quality service. They have the most experienced shop techs in the area and offer same-day returns on most repairs. 

1261 Market Street, Redding  • (530) 243-2323 •


Downtown Business Spotlight
From the Hearth

Expanding from its humble roots as a local bakery, From The Hearth has flourished into a handful of restaurants that serve the local community.  They offer freshly brewed coffee, phenomenal food and delicious baked goods. Not only are they known for using fresh and local ingredients, but are also recognized for having superb customer service and a community-centered focus. From the Hearth  appreciates its employees, holding each in high esteem as they do their customers.  Its atmosphere of caring employees and heartfelt service is felt the second you walk through their doors.Visit their downtown Redding locations 1427 Market Street  •  (530) 424-2233 or their drive-thru location at 1279 Pine Street  •

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