Wearable Metallics For Holiday Cheer

All That Glitters…

It’s party season! We finally get to play with the bold and glittery palettes that spend most of their time sitting untouched at the back of your beauty drawer. And if you’re the type of person whose makeup M.O. is more on the no-makeup makeup spectrum, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to test sparkly shadow, bold lipstick or any combination of the two. And even if you’re not the glitter makeup or red lipstick type, there are plenty of metallics, mattes and brights for you to work with. 

Start with a Candlelit Complexion. 

A wash of iridescence on your cheeks will give you a sexy I-worked-out-today radiance. Using reflective pigments helps your cheeks look sculpted and glowing. Get a dewy base with tinted moisturizer and nude lip gloss. Then use a blush brush to apply a peachy powder bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and a highlighter along the tops of your cheekbones. Look for a luminizer with silvery pearly or light gold undertones if you’re fair. Deeper coppers and bronzes will warm up medium and dark skin tones. 

The Eyes Have It

Dark and smoky eyes? Snooze. Make your gaze twinkle with luminous eye shadows. Metallic shades reflect light beautifully and brighten your eyes. If you’re pale or have blue or green eyes, try yellow gold or rose gold shadows. If you have medium to dark skin, or have hazel or brown eyes, use bronze, pewter or copper shades. Apply the shadows from your lash line to your crease, blending as you go, and then trace a little of the same color underneath your lower lashes with an eyeliner brush. 

Nailed It

Even if you’re not quite ready to commit to a full jade green eye à la Lucy Hale (look it up – it’s gorgeous), a metallic mani is like gems for your fingers. A fun way to pick polish: Match your nails to your hair color. Blonde? Try a yellow gold or bronze shade. Strawberry blonde or auburn? Try rose gold or copper. If you’re brunette, opt for pewter or dark silver. Keep your nails on the short side – no longer than a quarter inch beyond the tips of the fingers – and file them into a soft oval shape. Paint on a thin coat, letting it dry for one minute, then add another thin coat. Every three days, layer on a high-shine topcoat to prevent chips and add luster. 

Bling it On

And finally, bring on the bling in sparkly clothes. The holiday season is the ideal time to mix in attention-grabbing pieces. If your dress has sleeves, do a higher hem and show off some leg. And if it’s a one-shoulder or tank dress, cover those knees. For a subtler look, wear a top or pants with black sequins. Accessorize with bracelets, earrings and rings in rose gold, chrome, bronze and yellow gold. And forget the rule about matching metals—the more, the merrier! 

Hair Apparent

As for party-perfect hair, easy-going ‘dos complement metallic makeup because they balance out a dressier look. Curl hair using a one-inch iron, wrapping each section around the barrel in alternating directions. Or create a side part and pull your hair into a loose bun behind one ear at the neck, letting a few wispy pieces hang down. 

Don’t let this holiday season go by without enjoying a little bling-a-ding-ding! Embrace the glitterati and go for it!  •

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