My Town – Vicki Stroud

My Town – Vicki Stroud…

How do I see my town: 


Born in Phoenix, I arrived in Red Bluff as a 1-year-old child. We lived in the Forward addition part of town. That was a fabulous place to grow up, as there were many kids in the ‘hood. We spent days on end exploring the fields, building forts and riding horses. We would pack a lunch and be gone all day.  Our parents never had to worry where we were. We could ride our bikes all over town.

When I was 10 or so, the ski bus would pick us up every Saturday morning for a glorious day on the slopes of Lassen Peak. That was really my first love, snow skiing. All our friends would be on that bus and we would spend the day skiing. I feel a kinship with Lassen Peak as when my grandmother, Evelyn Hall, was 9, she ran from the lava flow as it was erupting.  

My parents taught me the concept of volunteering. My dad was a volunteer firefighter and helped with various events in town as a member of the Elks Lodge. He also was a member of Angelo Mendonca’s cooking crew, cooking for events such as the Cattlemen’s field day, Wool Growers, Elks picnics, crab feeds and any other place they could put a barbecue. He volunteered for the Red Bluff Round Up for more than 50 years, winning the Top Hand award in the 1980s. My mom was always by his side decorating for these events. 

What I love about Red Bluff are the people who make up the town. Our community makes things happen. When there is a good cause that will make Red Bluff a better place to live, this town is all about it.  We have revitalized the historic State Theatre and now we are working on obtaining a Splash Park, all of which are spearheaded by great leaders. 

There is always something fun to do. When the rodeo and bull sale come to town, the area is alive and buzzing. So many people come to stay and spend their money in our town. There is nothing prettier than Red Bluff during the April rodeo. The hills are usually green and covered with wildflowers, the mountains are bright with snow and our river is full after a long, wet winter. The State Theater has many great events, as well as Cedar Crest Brewery. 

Red Bluff is a great place to raise a family, which is exactly what my husband of 43 years and I have done.  We have two sons in the area, as well as two darling grandchildren. Wes and his wife Lauren work in Redding, while our youngest son, Matt, works in Anderson.

I am a board member of Red Bluff Noon Rotary and the Chamber of Commerce. I am lucky that I work for Cornerstone Community Bank, as they allow me the flexibility to be out in the community. I co-chair the Jolene Kemen Tough Enough to Wear Pink luncheon as part of Red Bluff Round Up Week to support cancer treatment. Being a survivor, I really appreciate the backing of this worthwhile event. Our town is full of passionate folks who truly care.

I feel so blessed to live, work and play in this shining community.

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