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Downtown Details…

What’s going on in downtown redding?

Did you know that there is an overall plan for Downtown Redding? Over the years, the Downtown Redding specific plan has served as a template for changes being made in Downtown. The opening statements in the plan encapsulate its intention for use in developing a renewed Downtown: 

The Downtown Redding Specific Plan Update will lay the foundation for the transformation of Downtown. It will guide new development as well as improvements to public streets and open spaces in Downtown. It is intended to be easy to use and understand. Downtown Redding has historically been the economic center of the region. After a period of limited investment common to many downtowns, Downtown Redding is now positioned to capitalize on current trends that are transforming many city centers into vibrant and popular areas. This Specific Plan Update is the result of a concerted effort to engage community members, developers, business owners and others to create a vision for Downtown, and use the vision to revise the existing guiding document that controls Downtown development, the Downtown Redding Specific Plan originally adopted in 2001. It is an action plan that builds on the good ideas in the previous Specific Plan and adds new ideas that respond to the way people live, work, and play today. To see the entire plan, visit:

Here’s the Blakedown

Blake Fisher, Viva Downtown 

Program Coordinator

With the drink selections getting warmer and the weather getting colder, people begin to head indoors for warmth and entertainment. Throughout the month of November, Redding’s Cultural District offers an array of venues hosting live music and artful entertainment—most of which are located in Downtown Redding. Events are listed in the calendar section on For those wanting to start off the holiday season right, join us at the Cascade Theatre November 25, for the premiere of Elf the Musical. You may even recognize Buddy the Elf! Tickets available at

Downtown Business Spotlight

Market Street Uniforms

This is Northern California’s largest supplier of professional and fun clothing for the medical and nursing industry. Market Street Uniforms’ hope is to keep customers outfitted in the best scrubs and footwear possible by providing a wide array of colors and styles, as well as medical accessories and equipment. Not only do they have a large inventory of scrubs, they also have a heart for the community and are looking forward to the revitalization of the downtown area. Their passion for local business is as strong as their love for each customer that walks through their doors.

Downtown Business Spotlight

Cinders Wood Fired Pizza

Located in Market Square at the downtown Promenade, Cinders Wood Fired Pizza is the only restaurant in Redding dedicated entirely to wood fired pizza and cuisine. They feature a house-made, cold-proof dough made with flour from Moore’s Flour Mill, a local favorite. Each pizza is topped with hand-sliced fresh mozzarella cheese and fresh produce from the California and Oregon region. With a menu dedicated to seasonal specials, revived old favorites and inventive new recipes, there is always something to love. Cinders also offers personalized mobile catering and vending in the North State.1415 Market Street • Redding  • (530) 605-0665 •

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