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Shasta County’s Great Outdoors

With almost 3,800 square miles of an outdoor adventure playground, Shasta County is the fourth-largest county in the California Adventure District, behind Siskiyou (6,200), Lassen (4,500) and Modoc (3,900) counties. Shasta County is the central hub of the California Adventure District, conveniently located on Interstate 5. With a steadily increasing number of direct flights to and from Redding Airport, it makes a great starting point for a multi-day outdoor adventure.

Here are some of the must-experience Shasta County adventures:

LASSEN VOLCANIC NATIONAL PARK: Lassen has many stories to tell and is good for at least two days of mountainous fun, including a hike to Lassen Peak, the largest plug-dome volcano in the world. With seven campgrounds in the park, you will find a perfect spot to set up camp and explore the many hiking trails, lakes and wildlife, along with the Sulphur Works thermal activity. During the hot summers, Lassen provides a welcome cooling spot, and during the winter it is a great place to bring your skis and play in the snow. Lassen Volcanic National Park is rated as one of the more beautiful National Parks in the United States, and rightfully so.

LAKE SHASTA CAVERNS: Take a boat ride across the McCloud Arm of Shasta Lake and enjoy the marvels of exploring inner earth at Lake Shasta Caverns. This two-hour guided tour will take you deep inside the underground caverns where you’ll enjoy the impressive calcite formations. Each year, people travel from many miles away to experience the family-friendly caverns.

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE: Whiskeytown is conveniently located about 15 minutes west of Redding, within the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, and is a local favorite hangout spot. There are a plethora of wonderful hiking trails, streams, waterfalls and private beaches to enjoy, and it is also a favorite location to pack a lunch and spend a full day kayaking or paddle boarding on the lake.

CASTLE CRAGS: The Interstate 5 corridor between Redding and Mount Shasta is a spectacular stretch of California highway, and at about 48 miles north of Redding sits the lesser-known, yet magnificent, Castle Crags State Park. The “lesser-known” status works in your favor because it means it’s very rarely crowded. This beautiful state park straddles Shasta and Siskiyou counties, and features many spectacular hiking trails, streams and lakes, with the crown jewel being the epic Castle Dome Trail. Getting to the peak of Castle Dome requires some effort, but the payoff is a spectacular view of the surrounding valleys and mountains, including Mount Shasta. •

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