Reasons To Believe

Let Your Hope Grow This Holiday Season…

There’s a certain magic in he belief that something bigger and better is not only possible, but is patiently waiting, within reach, for us. That belief helps us through the difficult times and makes the happy moments shine more brightly. Some people call that feeling “hope,” some call it “positivity,” and others call it “faith.” Whatever moniker you assign to that feeling – that innate trust that things will work out for the best, despite how challenging or complicated the circumstances may seem – we hope you’ll carry it boldly and relentlessly within, through the holiday season and into the new year. No matter what is to come, here are five things you should never stop believing in.


  1. THE MAGIC OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON. We often put pressure on ourselves to buy gifts that may or may not be within the budget, force ourselves to attend every holiday dinner or party, and decorate every corner of our homes. But
    the magic of the season isn’t in the grandiose, shiny things the holidays can bring. It’s in the sweet, simple moments spent with the ones who matter most. It’s deciding to focus on experiences instead of buying more stuff. It’s in deciding not to spread ourselves so thin and choosing instead to attend only the events we have energy for. It’s in deciding that our homes can be just as beautiful and festive with one tree as they can with five. This year, let go of the stress. Find the joy in the little things and you’ll discover that they really are the big things, after all.
  2. THE GOOD IN PEOPLE. Some days, life can feel like a grim, dreary place full of sad, sometimes angry, and often complicated people. Everyday hardships can make us forget the happiest, most resilient parts of ourselves and others. It helps to remember that kind, good people still exist in the world and that they are moving through it with positive intentions for the people around them. When we take a moment to look for the good in others, we will often find it. Goodness has a way of manifesting more goodness. A genuine smile is typically met in kind. Venture out into the world as the best version of yourself and watch how the good in others shows up for you.
  3. THE POWER IN CARVING OUT A NEW PATH. The most daunting thing about reaching for a new goal is the decision to take that very first step. We vacillate. We hem and haw. We put off our goals “until the time is right.” The reality is that no time is ever going to be perfect. Sometimes, the best time to reach for a new level is right now. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare your path ahead of time or that you shouldn’t have the necessary tools in hand. It just means that if you keep waiting to ascend the career ladder, take that dream vacation or launch that business idea, you may miss your moment. Put your stepping stones into place on solid ground – and then get those feet moving.
  4. THE JOY OF TREATING YOURSELF WELL. As adults, we often spend the bulk of our days caring for the needs of others at home and at work. While this is necessary at many of life’s junctures, it’s important to keep this poignant question at the top of your mind: how can you continue to give your best to others without saving some for yourself ? It’s not easy to set boundaries that will preserve your energy and protect your peace of mind, but it’s necessary to keep your life balanced and happy. Saying “no” on occasion isn’t a punishment for others – it’s the way to continue to find energy to take care of who and what you hold dear. Spend quiet time with yourself every day, whether it’s to exercise, read a book or enjoy the relaxation of a hot, uninterrupted shower or bubble bath. You’ll find more energy to be kind to others if you start with yourself first.
  5. THE GIFT OF CHANGE. When life shifts unexpectedly – as it often does – it can leave even the most resilient among us feeling strange and out of sorts. But it’s important to remember that no growth can come from allowing our experiences and circumstances to stagnate around us. Perspective is everything. Change can be good if you focus on what’s to come instead of what you left behind. Making an unexpected career change, moving to a new home, or relocating to a new city can feel like a terrifying leap, especially after a couple of years marred by unpredictable circumstances. But what if this shift was just what you needed to bring your life to the next level? Would you have stepped out on faith if the earth hadn’t shifted under your feet? Look at unanticipated changes as a chance to see what you are made of and trust that what you need will find its way to you.
About Kimberly N. Bonéy

Proud wife and mom, is a freelance writer, designer, up-cycler and owner of Herstory Vintage. When she’s not working, she is joyfully wielding jewelry-making tools and paintbrushes in her studio. Antique shops, vintage boutiques, craft stores and bead shops are her happy place.

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