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Adventure enthusiasts come in many forms, from runners to mountain bikers, bird watchers to hikers and anyone in between. Some adventure out on their own, going off trail to forge their own paths, but those who are looking to enjoy the outdoors without the risk of getting lost can safely venture out on one of the many trails already forged, thanks to the efforts of the Redding Trail Alliance.

The team behind the alliance is made up of diverse individuals, all of whom share a common passion for the outdoors, especially the local outdoor trail systems. These local mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers hold to their mission to create high-quality trail experiences by advocating for, building and maintaining trails in the Redding region. They believe that providing the public with safe, clean and accessible trails will promote and improve community activity.

The Redding Trail Alliance works alongside local government agencies and other outdoor interest groups to bring more progressive, diverse trails to the public, passionately paving the way for new, well-thought-out and maintained trail systems, pump tracks and anything relating to public tracks and trails.

Due to joint efforts among a professional trail crew, fellow interest groups and the Redding Trail Alliance, local trails offer the community safe places to jog, hike and mountain bike. By contributing to the growth and improvement of local trail systems, the team at Redding Trail Alliance has made it possible for the public to better explore and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Redding area year-round.  

The alliance’s contributions include the planning and building of new trail systems, maintaining and improving already existing trails, and hosting community outreach functions. They have more than five years worth of unique and exciting trail projects planned for the Redding area and the Redding bike park which is coming 2021. 

They host community cycling events, volunteer maintenance days and sometimes pair up with other similar-minded groups to promote positive, outdoor experiences for the community.  

The Redding Trail Alliance is excited to see Redding grow into a first-rate mountain bike destination, with hopes their passionate efforts will result in quality trails across the board. 

Donations can be made directly through their website.

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