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When my parents arrived in Redding in 1982, they never thought a random place off Interstate 5 would become home.  Fast forward 38 years; when I talk about my hometown, I’m filled with pride, picture great beauty and think of my loved ones.

Growing up here, I never imagined living elsewhere. Our town has everything that larger cities have without the hustle and bustle of big city life. You can still drive down back roads and receive a wave from a passerby. There are friendly people, numerous restaurants, breweries and new events popping up weekly. Redding is a prime location for anyone who wants to take in picturesque scenery by driving in any direction, visiting the Sundial Bridge or the historic Cascade Theatre.

This “little” town has everything an outdoor enthusiast could ask for:  lakes, rivers, mountains and an ever-growing trail system. These places just scratch the surface. We have amazing mountain bike trails for all ability levels. You can ride from downtown all the way to Shasta or Whiskeytown lakes on your choice of pavement or dirt. While you’re out there check out “French Fry” and “Special Sauce” – you’ll thank me later.

Another iconic Redding experience, Kool April Nites, only comes once a year and brings with it many fond memories. In the early years, I was a spectator when it used to wind through the streets of downtown until it outgrew that area. Now we’re graced with a nice loop of classic cars down Hilltop, Dana, Churn Creek and Cypress on Friday night followed by the show on Saturday. I was fortunate enough to participate with a car of my own and know there’s nothing like rolling back the clocks to the muscle car era when leaving a little rubber on the road was a rite of passage. Now I sit on the sidewalks with my family, reminisce and watch the joy on my nephews’ faces as cars rev and rumble past. 

With all the joys and experiences that Redding has to offer, the best thing for me is my family. I am lucky to be surrounded by them, having them here to help my wife and me raise our daughter in an area that we both love. We look forward to watching her enjoy the things that has made this our home. There have been plenty of opportunities to leave, but for many reasons we have decided to stay.  I am proud to call Redding my town.

Dustin Lauf – Redding
Regional Supervisor, CNUC
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