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A Clean Sweep…

Looking around the room wondering what happened to that clean, neat and tidy area? Having issues with finding stuff? Feeling like your focus is off? As the years go by the clutter stacks up and then one day it hits you. You need to organize and clean up. Everyday life leaves you frazzled and overwhelmed. Spring arrives March 19 – what better time to do some cleanup? If you don’t know how to get started, there are people who can help with the task.

Heather Gold is a professional organizer who now also works as a social worker and life coach. Her visit includes assessment, storage ideas and a step-by-step plan of action. This planning stage is where hopes and dreams are discussed. The rooms are often treasure troves of items and provide a walk down memory lane. Gold marks boxes with “save,” “donate” and “trash” to help streamline the sorting, and each room is transformed into a clean and usable space. 

Decluttering is not just about extra stuff in the home – it is about creating a living environment that enhances health, order and creativity. “The ‘now’ is a vital part of the organizing journey, as clutter can be so much a part of the things that were and could be. Being in the present moment is the greatest gift that people can give to themselves. Often, clutter and all the other stressors of daily living can make us feel lost and burdened.”

This spring, Gold will teach two classes at Shasta College: “Taking Steps to Move Forward and Get Organized” and “Living Well: Developing the Resiliency Necessary for Living in Today’s World.” In 2011, she was featured as a professional organizer on the TV show “Hoarding: Buried Alive.” 

Another organizational expert is Jessica Huavi in Chico, who began her business after having her first daughter. She had begun to feel overwhelmed with organizing the baby’s room. After reading about the concept of living minimally she discovered something about herself. “I became addicted to downsizing and the way it opened up spaces and cleared my mind,” Huavi says. “I realized that I could let go of many things I had been holding onto for years, and just felt really free afterward. I do not come from a family of purgers, so the idea of it was really new to me and exciting. After that, it was much easier to keep a clean house and feel in control. I also became much more mindful of what I brought in, which in turn saved me a lot of money.”

After watching shows about hoarding, Huavi attended a business class which gave her the confidence to create her own business. Her grandparents, Paul and Frances Newsom, were her first clients. “We tackled their large garage over several weeks, and it helped give me the confidence that I could take on any project,” Huavi says. “Working with family can be just as tricky as strangers, but part of what I love about this is the bonding that comes with working together. You get to hear stories about their things and lives, it can be really interesting.” Her services also include shopping and donation hauling. 

Spring is peeking out from around that corner. Now is the time to make a clean sweep! •

Heather Gold • 1650 Oregon St., Suite 216, Redding

(530) 691-4577 x 3

Jessica Huavi •

(530) 715-0667

The benefits of less is more

• Less to clean 

• Less to organize 

• Less stress 

• Less debt 

• More financial freedom 

• More energy for your passions

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