My Town – Deborah Divine

Full of boundless potential…

Like the 400-year old Valley Oak that graces the front of our property, Redding has always been my home.  Our roots run deep and we have both seen a lot of changes over the years. Unlike those who may have felt compelled to leave Redding in their youth to seek a greener pasture, I have always felt totally and completely content to live amidst the beautiful scenery and people of this region. Redding is full of boundless potential for anyone who chooses to take the opportunity and that’s exactly what I did.  I am happy to be able to say that my life has been all the richer and fuller for it.  Although I was born here, I lived in San Francisco in the mid-‘70s while finishing my music degree – it was exciting and I had many incredible experiences working both as a musician and a teacher, but I always knew that I wasn’t destined to make a life on the world stage or to live in a big city.  Redding has turned out to be my “stage” for more than 35 years and counting while working in the local schools with Redding’s incredibly talented youth.  Post retirement, I am still involved with the high schools as an accompanist, direct an active church choir and own a wedding venue.  Who could have predicted that?  I certainly didn’t, but life in Redding has never held a dull moment for me and I have always felt that I could do whatever I could imagine in our great community.  Boundless potential.  Frankly, I can’t imagine being happier living in any other place on this earth. I credit Redding’s welcoming and supportive people who share 

my enthusiastic view.

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