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Q&A with Women’s Business Center at Jedi…

We asked Robin Fator, Marketing Director of Women’s Business Center at JEDI to share more information about the services they offer at the Center to help women in business.

Enjoy: What does the Women’s Business Center at JEDI offer to women entrepreneurs? Robin: We seek to build local wealth and capacity through small business development, in particular for women and underserved communities. We offer low- and no-cost group training, private one-on-one consulting, on-demand learning, and networking events both virtually and in person. We serve small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals considering self- employment.

Enjoy: How do you help women start their own businesses?
Robin: We know how much women carry in their lives and when running a business. We assist people to start and grow their business by first learning about their unique situation and then creating a customized plan to support them reach their goals. Our business consultants work closely with people to guide their journey to success through consulting, access to capital programs, education, and connecting local clients to local resources.

Enjoy: What types of resources and educational programs do you offer to help women develop their entrepreneurial skills?
Robin: We offer entrepreneurial skills training in a variety of areas, including leadership, marketing, business start-up, access to capital, planning, technological tools, planning, market research and more. Our one-on-one consulting provides a customized engaging starting place and brings in expert advice as needed.

Enjoy: Please tell us one of your success stories.
Robin: We love sharing the success stories of our clients! Sarah Lorenzen, owner of The Chirping Squirrel in McCloud, developed a business plan to get her business loan ready. She said, “The Women’s Business Center at JEDI is my rock, my foundation of knowledge and best practices to build and grow my business from… They are helping me complete a realistic business plan full of cash flow and sales projections. They are superheroes, in my book!”

Enjoy: How do women access your services?
Robin: Anyone can access services by becoming a client. It is free and easy to register. Just visit our website (, call our office at 1 (888) 926-6670, or visit one of our two locations in Redding or Mount Shasta (check for onsite hours).

Enjoy: Tell us about your upcoming workshops.
Robin: Monthly Marketing and Start Up Labs are a great way to connect with our Women’s Business Center Advisors in a casual discussion where you can ask questions. We have monthly drop-in events at the Redding and Burney libraries as well as the Shasta College campus in Weaverville. We will be hosting our Startup Business Accelerator starting in March. For our full schedule (which is ever-evolving) please visit our website.

Enjoy: What advice would you offer to women who are considering starting or growing their own businesses?
Robin: Build your support network, learn about available resources and seek reliable information and support along the way. Don’t go it alone. We can be your guide to your goals! •

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