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2022 Adventure Bucket List…

The California Adventure District is always open and it’s about time to check some items off your bucket list.

Mt. Shasta is the crown jewel of the California Adventure District, and at just over 14,000 feet high, it is visible from many miles away in all directions. Every year, approximately 8,000 permits are issued to peak the mountain, but only half actually make it to the top. The success rate largely depends on your physical capabilities, but equally important is your choice of guide. There are a number of different routes to get to the top and the right guide will determine the best route for you and take you on it. The time of year that you go is also important to factor in. If you’re ready, reach out to Shasta Mountain Guides and reserve your spot now, as they fill up quickly.

Another world-famous staple in the California Adventure District meal plan is Redwood National Park in Humboldt County. Being surrounded by these gigantic trees is truly humbling, and, as it turns out, really good for your health. We know so little about how these trees actually “function,” but sitting in the vapors of the redwoods for an extended period of time has a measurable impact on the human bloodstream and natural immunity. Reach out to Justin Legge at the Benbow KOA campground and reserve a forest bathing session or five. While you’re on the coast, make sure you experience the Redwood Skywalk at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka.

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The Smith River is a fast-flowing river from the Klamath Mountains to the Pacific Ocean in Del Norte County. The scenery is amazing and you will feel far removed from civilization as you paddle down the river. The Smith River is suitable for all levels of adventure seekers, from relaxing family floaters to extreme whitewater battles. Contact Smith River Kayaks to book an adventure.

The Pacific Crest Trail is, for many, the Holy Grail of hiking trails, stretching over 2,600 miles from Canada all the way down to Mexico. But if you don’t feel like hiking that distance, you can experience an epic section of the trail right here in the California Adventure District. “Section O” of the PCT is a 78-mile point-to-point trail, from Castle Crags to Burney State Park and Burney Falls. Take up to a week to escape the matrix with a group of friends and wander the trails in some of the most beautiful and remote scenery. Oh, and bring bear repellent, just in case.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more brutal, the Lost Coast Trail can deliver the goods. This 25-mile trail at Shelter Cove, on the Pacific Ocean, can be legitimately dangerous if you don’t do your homework, but the payoff is an extremely rewarding and humbling adventure. You will need to arrange for a permit and shuttle to start your adventure. Reach out to Lost Coast Adventures in Whitehorn to book your trip.

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