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Embrace The Beauty of Maturing…

Aging well is about more than avoiding wrinkles (though we do appreciate a good skincare routine). Keeping our minds, bodies and spirits healthy can help us live our golden years to the fullest. We’ve collected some tips to maximize your wellness as you age.

Walking, cycling, swimming or even dancing a few times a week reduces risk of disease, improves sleep, elevates your mood and helps maintain your mobility. The Silver Sneakers program (www. silversneakers.com) provides free online classes and gym memberships for people 65 and older through select Medicare plans. The North State is one of the sunniest places on earth, which means it’s pretty easy to get outside throughout the year. Find a walking buddy and explore your neighborhood – the health app on your smartphone will even tell you how many steps you’ve walked, so set a goal and treat yourself when you achieve it.

One thing hasn’t changed over time, and it’s your body’s need for fruits, veggies, lean proteins and vitamins. Reducing solid fats, processed foods, refined sugars and salt will help you stay at the top of your game.

Life changes as we age. Kids grow up and move out, and retirement takes us out of our busy daily routine. Sometimes people discover that the long-awaited, much-anticipated end to their working days leads to unexpected feelings of sadness and even depression. The good news: It’s normal, and there are lots of ways to make that adjustment easier. Building a new routine that includes exercise, social activities, meal preparation and a hobby or two can create the structure you need to help your days be productive and worthwhile.

Adopting a pet, traveling, fishing, crafting, volunteering – what brings you joy? All of those things that we wished we had time to do in our younger years are now ours for the taking. Shasta College and city recreation departments offer an array of classes designed specifically for older adults, so if you’re struggling to find your niche, sign up to learn something new.

Just like fresh produce and exercise, sleep is critical for your body’s health. Getting adequate sleep lowers the risk of disease, reduces stress, lowers risk of obesity and improves your focus. Try to go to bed and wake up at about the same time each day, and ensure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet. Calming activities, such as taking a warm bath or meditating, can help promote a good night’s sleep.

Even if you’re in tip-top health, seeing your doctor regularly can help identify problems before they start. Make time for routine health screenings and ask your doctor how often you should come in for a visit – it will depend on your family history, health conditions, lifestyle and the like.

Maintaining your circle of friends can get trickier as you age, but it’s important to connect with others, even from a distance. Taking a walk with a neighbor, video-chatting with a grandchild or convening a standing weekly coffee date with friends helps sustain those important relationships that enrich our lives.

As our needs change, our ideal housing situation may also change. The quieter, slower pace of a 55+ neighborhood might now suit your style better than a busy neighborhood full of young families. In-home care is for those who can live safely at home, but need some help with daily activities or household tasks. An independent living retirement home offers a safe environment for those who can still live independently but enjoy access to various hospitality services, while assisted living is designed for those who have difficulty with daily activities. Memory care is for those who need extra help due to memory problems.

Growing old is a gift – treat yourself to optimal health so you can truly enjoy those golden years.

Find more resources: www.211norcal.org/shasta/search/seniors/

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