Off The Grid

Go unplugged, but go prepared…

With much of the world still in turmoil, many are fleeing the big cities and “heading for the hills” in search of much-needed rest and the opportunity to recharge the soul.

Many are coming to the California Adventure District to hike, camp, kayak, fish, bike, overland and enjoy numerous other fantastic recreational activities in abundance here. When the fun is done, they share their Northern California adventures with friends and family on social media.

But then there are some who just want to unplug from the matrix completely, go off the grid as they say, with no cell phones or electronics that send and receive any kind of signal. Luckily for them, the California Adventure District has thousands of square miles where you can’t even receive a cell signal, and so it’s perfect to disappear for
a while.

If you would like to go off the grid for a while, here are two great spots. But please be advised, there really is no cell signal out here, so bring a GPS tracker, a first aid kit, learn how to deal with a snake bite, notify friends and family where you are going, and notify the forest service that you’ll be out in the middle of nowhere, and give a timeframe that you’ll be off the grid.

Clear Creek National Recreation Trail: Siskiyou County This 42-mile point-to-point moderate hike features ample
opportunities for backpacking and camping. Give yourself three days to take your time and enjoy this beautiful trail.

11 Lake Loop from China Gulch: Trinity Alps

This 39-mile trail near Forks of Salmon is rated as “hard,” but that doesn’t mean you have to complete the whole
thing. Take your time and enjoy the lakes and waterfall that this trail has to offer – the landscapes are incredible.

We’d love to hear from you if you go out to these areas for a few days. Find Enjoy Magazine on Facebook, share your
best photos and let us know what it was like for you to be completely off the grid.

Speaking of California Off The Grid, the California Adventure District will be hosting a new event called just that. Professional survivalist Britt Ahart, who starred in two seasons of the History Channel’s “Alone,” will take up to four participants into the Northern California wilderness and survive for multiple days using only their survival skills. Look for California Off The Grid around late fall. •

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