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SolShine Café And Mountain House Yoga In Montague

For Your Health… In a historic cowtown like Montague, located 15 minutes east of Yreka, an organic vegan café and yoga studio might be the last thing you’d expect toRead More
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Eric And Jodi Fogelin’s Old Shasta Coffee Company

A Perfect Blend… Last February, a couple walked down Eureka Way, in the snow, all the way from Old Shasta. “We have to open our coffee shop,” they exclaimed. SnowedRead More
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Bachman’s Wholesome Catering Company

Food Wise… How many people can pinpoint a distant childhood memory as having planted the seed that grew into a lifelong passion? Anderson caterer Christian Bachman can, though many ofRead More
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Know Where Your Food Comes From With Belcampo Farms

Real Good Food… At Belcampo Farms, the meat of the matter is this: more and more health-conscious shoppers want to know more about the food they’re putting on the familyRead More